Harley Davidson Quick Release Detachable Compact Windshield 58346-06 Product Review

Dyna Windshield

For those of you who read my January 25th, 2008 post titled Dyna Touring Bike – 2 Bikes In 1 you know I have been adding only detachable accessories to my Harley Davidson Dyna Low Rider motorcycle. Without the accessories the Low Rider has a chopperesque look but with the accessories it looks like a touring mount. The best of both worlds! I call my motorcycle The Transformer.

The latest accessory is this Harley Davidson hard coated polycarbonate windshield. The retail cost of $340 was an issue for me. A fellow HOG member offered to loan me his new shield for my trip to Pennsylvania. I wasn’t going to take him up on the offer until the weather report started to scream RAIN! Fortunately for me, my friend decided to trade in his Dyna but kept the shield. He sold it to me for a price I couldn’t refuse!

Since I bought it used it was already assembled. It is much lighter than I imagined it would be. Thanks to the die cast lever release clamps this shield is a snap to attach. The clamps remind me of crab claws. The shield attaches directly to the fork tubes and comes on and off in seconds with no hassle. Less than seconds! Miliseconds! There is no “leave behind” docking hardware! There is even some up and down  adjustability depending on where you clamp the shield on in between the triple trees.


I believe this to be the Compact Standard Height shield part# 58346-06. I don’t like looking through the polycarbonate shield and a taller one would impair my vision. If I mount this too low on the forks my head experiences a little turbulance. It took about three tries to find the sweet spot. I’m glad it’s so easy to attach and move up and down on the fork tubes. I’m also glad it is so light and doesn’t affect front end handling at all. I am still getting used to it. It is like wearing bifocals. Some of my view is over the shield and some is through the shield.

It’s interesting how the shield deflects the air right over my head. Without the windshield I can not ride with my helmet shield up as it will whistle in the wind, loudly! With the windshield I can ride with my helmet shield up and just my normal eye glasses. No whistle and no tears! Without the windshield I sometimes get bitch slapped by my helmet strap. The strap can come out of it’s rubber band like holder and slap me about the neck and cheeks. The windshield creates a vacuum. Now my helmet strap does a cobra like dance under my chin that is distracting.

The shield saved the trip! Our big trip to Pennsylvania mountains turned into a big rainy trip to the mountains! My helmet shield got covered with rain drops and fogged. I flipped it all the way up most of the weekend and used it as a visor. I was able to see through my eyeglasses most of the time. I was able to see pretty well under the circumstances but eyes were be sore in the evening due to road grit. The shield kept the wind and the rain off my torso which was great!

I am thankful for how things worked out. I got a great buy on a genuine Harley Davidson motorcycle accessory that I really needed. It was a trip saver! I would have been miserable without it.

Special thanks to my friend Al who generously offered to loan me the shield before he knew he was going to trade in his Dyna Beach Cruiser.

Note: I took the above pictures off the Harley Davidson website, but they are the wrong pictures. The pictures look like part# 58063-04 which is the Sportster shield. I’ll have to speak to HD about the mistake, I would like to steal the correct pictures!

9 Responses to “Harley Davidson Quick Release Detachable Compact Windshield 58346-06 Product Review”

  1. Mmmmmm….crab claws……
    (It must be steamed crab season!) 😉

  2. I have one on my bike and I consider it a must-have. The quick-detach is handy; I just hope it doesn’t get stolen. That’s the only thing about quick-detach accessories I don’t really like. There’s always a trade-off for convenience.

    I lucked out and bought it off someone who was trading in a Sporty for a Dyna. She sold it to me for 1/2 retail and it was mint. It was destroyed in my accident last fall, but that wasn’t a problem, I got a brand-new one covered by insurance.

    It’s been on the bike since I picked it up last month from the shop. Just this past Monday I decided to take it off because they were saying it was going to be in the 80s. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize was how windy it was going to be, or how much pollen was about.

    Man I’m telling you, I couldn’t believe the difference when I hit the road without that windshield. So much shit hit me in the face that day it wasn’t funny. I honestly didn’t realize how much more comfortable the windshield makes riding the bike. I just wish I didn’t hate the look of it being on so much. I’m still going to leave it off when I know it’s nice and warm and not windy. But, when I know I’ll be on the highway for a while or if the weather’s questionable, that baby’s going on there!

  3. I have ridden both ways, with and without the windshield. My Suzuki’s windshield wasn’t a quick release one, but it was nothing to loosen the screws, remove it, and tighten up the screws again. I thought I would prefer my bike without the windshield, because I wanted to experience the whole “wind in my face” thing. Well, the few times I did that, I put the damn thing back on and said, “Call me lame, I like my windshield!” My Electra Glide has one, but my fairing keeps a lot off of me also. I still have the windy fun without the windy annoyance!

  4. Yah know. I rode 20 plus years and never had a windsheild until last year. The long distance ride is so much better with the shield. Less fatigue, longer rides, reduced windchill in cold weather, less blowdrier in hot weather…I’ll never go back. Call me a pussy if you like. I just like to think of it as being a bit wiser. Maybe I’m just getting too old.

  5. anyone out there have a bouncy eyeball vision problem when traveling over 60 mph from the top wind off the shield hitting the top of your helmet or is it just me??

  6. You are not alone. The bouncy head gives me a headache more than a vision problem, but I have noticed blurry vision.

  7. i hope that i can make an adjustment by lowering my sprung seat about a inch or so to make the top wind go away.my friends with heritage softtails do not have this problem.

  8. any boby know where I can getg gjustg tghe clamp for that unit? please let me know..

  9. Shields are absolutely ugly…a must have in the cold, rain,bad weather…wind..so the question is what can be done to make it look better. I like body lines to match up, when they dont things look out of place. So i try to align my windshield to match the rake…or in other words follow the same angle as the front forks. The stock adjustment is limited by the mlounts and by clearances, mine hits the spedo and tach and is restricted by the headlight height. i have a 2000 Dyna convertible. Im going to remount the tach/spedo to have more angle and trim the shield to drop down lower around the headlight to make the rake adjustment match. Ugly Fuckin Shield,my friend in bad weather

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