Return to Mansfield 2008 – Day 3 – The Mighty HOGs Battle Mother Nature

Biker Rubber Ducky

The 25 motorcycles from First State HOG took to the road for the return trip to Delaware Sunday morning May 18, 2008. We departed from the Brookville, PA Days Inn shortly after 9:00am

We thought that we had seen everything Mother Nature was going to throw at us, but we were wrong! She took one last dip into her wicked bag of tricks to try our metal once again. The first leg of our Sunday return trip from the mountains of Pennsylvania would be a final test of our fortitude.

I declined to take the lead position as I didn’t feel my best but agreed to ride wing. Al took the lead and off we went. It was raining miserably and the temperature was below 50! My boots were soaked immediately. The plastic trash bags I wrapped around my wool socks didn’t work. The wool hiking socks felt like they had been dipped in a bucket of ice water and soaked it all up like a sponge. If my feet weren’t so damn cold I might be complaining about my hands being cold, but my feet were ten times worse! Route 322 meandered through small mountain villages twisting and turning, dipping and climbing. As we entered a small town the bank sign read 47 degree’s and someone said it was warming up! The constant up, down, twist and turns through small towns in the slippery rain was stressful.  I think we got less than an hour of riding in before everyone was ready to stop at a gas station. We all ran in dripping wet and frozen looking for hot coffee or cocoa. We were so miserable it was funny. Yes our fingers and toes were numb but the only thing we could do was laugh and laugh we did! It seemed no one wanted to mount back up, we just wanted to huddle and wait for the sun to come out and dry things up. Finally everyone had used the one bathroom and it was time to leave. Wet and freezing the mighty First State HOGs mounted their trusty iron steeds and rode forth for the final skirmish with Mother Nature.

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