Return To Mansfield 2008 – Day Two – A Little Fun In The Sun

First State HOG & Endless Mountains HOG

OK everyone here is the story of day 2. I used up my creative juices on the Day 1 story and will try to make Day 3 a post to remember. This may be on the dry side (poor choice of words). I will try to make up for it in pictures.

On Saturday morning forty members from First State HOG awoke like children on Christmas morning in Mansfield, PA. We eagerly peeked out our motel windows to see if Santa brought us good riding weather. What would it be like? Would it be another miserable rainy day or something better? To our pleasant surprise the sun was rising and it looked like a great day to ride!

Getting ready to ride

Yeah, it’s not raining today!
Excitement was in the air! Men were wiping down motorcycles and women were taking pictures. Bikes were heading back and forth from the closest gas station. Everyone headed over to West’s Restaurant for an excellent breakfast at half the price we are used to paying back home. We packed up our stuff and checked out of West’s Deluxe Motel, then headed across the street to Cox’s Northern Tier Harley Davidson. It was shopping time!

Cox’s Rox
Rebecca Dunbar and the rest of the excellent staff at Cox’s helped us with our purchasing needs as our excited crew relished in the prospect of a fun vacation after all. T-Shirts and souvenirs were purchased by all. We love Cox’s Northern Tier Harley Davidson, it’s a great dealership! It’s like a warm cozy cabin in the mountains with a big deck and Adirondack chairs to rest in.

Lance Allen, Director of Endless Mountains HOG, was rounding up his members as the members of First State HOG were wrapping up their shopping spree. Endless Mountains had 7 more Harley Davidson’s ready to ride. Including passengers Endless Mountains had a dozen bikers ready for adventure bringing the total participants for Saturday up to 51! Our friend Wendy Albor from Endless Mountains was there to say hello, but wasn’t feeling well enough to ride with us. We were glad to see her.  John Backman was also there and he would ride sweep for the day.
Lance and I have been planning this joint chapter event since November and Saturday was his day. The plan was for Lance to lead the parade of 32 HOGs on a scenic ride through the mountains to Hyner Mountain Overlook. We would eat lunch at a restaurant in Renova, PA and then head for DeBois Harley Davidson.  Then we would head to the Days Inn in Brookville. I chose the Days Inn not only because of the price, but it had a Bar & Grill onsite with pool tables. I was thinking we could all eat together and then party a little.

Finally some nice riding!

Now this is why we came here!

The sun was shining Saturday morning when we pulled out of Cox’s eager to enjoy the beautiful scenery in the mountains. We joined up with Route 6 West which is listed as a Scenic Byway. The ride to the first gas stop was great! Behind the gas stop was a gorgeous view of a river and a mountain. Diana and I took the below picture. We noticed that the rain clouds were following us and some of our members got to putting their raingear back on. We hit the road again and Lance lead us on a scenic ride that everyone will remember. At one point a deer darted through the pack! It went right between the rear of Steve Lane’s Street Glide and the front of Bill Bland’s Heritage. Bill didn’t flinch!

Jay & Di Down By The River!
We arrived at the Sportsman’s Hotel in Renova still dry! We were welcomed by an awesome sight. Lance had set up a buffet style lunch for us. Everything was hot and ready for us. There were rolls with meatballs or sausage. The sausage had onions and pepper. There was macaroni salad, fruit salad and deserts.  Once again Endless Mountains HOG made us feel super special. The lunch was inexpensive to boot! I know everyone enjoyed, it was perfect!

It’s time to eat!

Chow Line

This is the best lunch ever
After lunch Lance continued leading us through the mountains. This portion of the ride was a very brisk ride through the twisty curvies. Either everyone was really enjoying the S-turns or Lance was just trying to stay ahead of the rain.
As most of the group sped through the mountains I noticed the motorcycle behind me was riding at a slower pace. I dropped back to stay with the slower group because I had all the directions and information with me and I didn’t want to lose anyone. I could tell it was going to rain any minute so I pulled off the road at the first chance I got. We put on our raingear and I took out the directions to DuBois. Once we got back on the road it had to be about five minutes before the rain started coming down. Not too far after that we joined the rest of the bikes at the first gas station we came to. Some of our friends were with their bikes inside the self serve car washes to stay out of the rain. We gassed up and hit the rainy road once again. By now everyone was sick of riding in the rain!
We arrived wet at DuBois Harley Davidson. This is a great dealership. You need to visit! The inside of Dubois HD is set up like a quaint little town. The Main drag is lined with motorcycles parked along Main Street. There is a sidewalk with street signs, fire hydrants, pay phones and a million great little details we probably missed. The parts department is set up like the entrance to a theater. The motor clothes, accessories and souvenirs are in the shops along Main Street. Roxy and everyone at DuBois Harley Davidson catered to us. They set up fresh coffee and cocoa self serve stations for us free of charge! The coffee and cocoa helped warm us up and we did some more V-Twin style power shopping! My new prized possession from this trip is a DuBois Harley Davidson Punxatawney Phil T-shirt!

DuBois Harley Davidson Inside

Hello God, this is Jay. Can I get some more sunshine please?

Am I inside or outside?
Before mounting the bikes we headed for the head. Oh my god! They have the coolest urinal ever! Above the urinal is a set of ape hangers with cables, levers, grips and the whole deal. You flush by pulling in the clutch lever! Yes, we all made motor sounds while we used the facility! Then we had all the women come into the Men’s Room to check it out!

Wicked Pissa!
The DuBois dealership was on a busy road and we were going to have to pull out in the rain and go left across traffic. We don’t use blockers and as we started to roll out we were all thinking “this is going to suck!” We would probably get separated and then lost! Then the most amazing thing happened! Two young ladies who work in the motor clothes department came out in the rain (no jackets) with little orange flags and they stopped traffic in both directions for us! Once again the people of Pennsylvania made us feel special!
From DuBois we hit the expressway and shortly thereafter pulled safely into the Brookville Days Inn. As we pulled in the sun decided to come out again and the rain stopped (temporarily). While everyone was checking into their rooms I checked out the hotel’s restaurant. There were several employees lounging around the bar. I asked if they could handle feeding 50 bikers and although they said they could try, they said we would be better off somewhere else.  I said we would pass on dinner but would be back at 8:00pm for drinks. I let everyone know they were on their own for dinner and we would meet in the bar at 8:00pm to socialize and discuss tomorrows trip. Some people went to Arby’s and had a horrible experience. Don’t ever eat at the Arby’s in Brookeville, PA. Others ordered pizza in their rooms. After taking a warm shower and putting on dry clothes Diana and I opted to go back to the hotel restaurant for drinks and appetizers. My warning to the staff had the opposite affect than intended. I wanted them to be ready to serve hungry bikers. Instead they bailed and left one new girl working the Bar & Grill by herself. She did a good job considering she was by herself. The food was not good.
Everyone started to congregate shortly after 8:00pm. We agreed to keep to our planned route of 322 East to Harrisburg and stay off the expressways as much as possible due to the expected rain. Then we had some fun giving out Harley Davidson door prizes. The door prizes were supplied by Mike’s Famous Harley Davidson of New Castle, DE. I had to think of Harley Davidson items that one might have on their person and the first person to reach me with the item could grab a prize out of the grab bag. It was great fun! Examples of items were a keychain, earrings, a baseball cap and a belt. We also had prizes for the person wearing the Harley Davidson T-shirt from the furthest away dealership, the youngest person present and the oldest person present. Then we wrapped up the meeting and the DJ began to play music. I played a game of darts with Nicholas McMaster. Even though he didn’t know how to play, he whooped my ass! I play on a league, how embarrassing! Diana was chatting it up with a trucker who owned a Harley. She was telling him all about our adventure. We had a few beers and talked with our new friends from Endless Mountains as well as a few strangers at the bar. Once again we had a great time despite the weather!

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  1. The hospitality at West’s Deluxe Motel was wonderful. The owners are very friendly and accommodating. Their diner was a welcome site (since I wasn’t riding another mile) and the staff was excellent (we all had a blast watching and “feared” the waitress on speed….whoa Betsy take a break!) Cox’s Northern Tier Harley shop is great! Where else could I buy a pair of clear riding glasses for $5.00 !!! I didn’t tell them, but I would’ve paid an arm & leg for those glasses especially since my “foggles” became useless in the rain. The buffet at the Sportsman’s Hotel in Renova was delicious and everything was homemade including the chocolate pie – yummy!
    DuBois HD is a great dealership. I’d actually like to go back and play with the urinal again. And no, I didn’t make the motor sounds!

  2. Glad to hear the weather cleared up a bit for you. Deer is my big fear. Crazy critters give me the jitters. You just don’t know what the hell they are going to do. I had sort of the experience, except I shot between two deer crossing a road at night. Glad no one was injured in that encounter.

    Dig the urinal. That should be standard issue for all HD shops. Hilarious, got a good laugh out of it. Probably the only time it would be considered much safer to ride with one hand.

    Thanks for taking me along.

  3. Only two comments! I thought the urinal picture alone would bring in a dozen or so just from Joker! Glad to hear from you Dave and Teri.

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