Return To Mansfield 2008 – Day Two – A Little Fun In The Sun

First State HOG & Endless Mountains HOG

OK everyone here is the story of day 2. I used up my creative juices on the Day 1 story and will try to make Day 3 a post to remember. This may be on the dry side (poor choice of words). I will try to make up for it in pictures.

On Saturday morning forty members from First State HOG awoke like children on Christmas morning in Mansfield, PA. We eagerly peeked out our motel windows to see if Santa brought us good riding weather. What would it be like? Would it be another miserable rainy day or something better? To our pleasant surprise the sun was rising and it looked like a great day to ride!

Getting ready to ride

Yeah, it’s not raining today!
Excitement was in the air! Men were wiping down motorcycles and women were taking pictures. Bikes were heading back and forth from the closest gas station. Everyone headed over to West’s Restaurant for an excellent breakfast at half the price we are used to paying back home. We packed up our stuff and checked out of West’s Deluxe Motel, then headed across the street to Cox’s Northern Tier Harley Davidson. It was shopping time!

Cox’s Rox
Rebecca Dunbar and the rest of the excellent staff at Cox’s helped us with our purchasing needs as our excited crew relished in the prospect of a fun vacation after all. T-Shirts and souvenirs were purchased by all. We love Cox’s Northern Tier Harley Davidson, it’s a great dealership! It’s like a warm cozy cabin in the mountains with a big deck and Adirondack chairs to rest in.

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