Doc Bailey’s Leather Black – Clean, Nourish, Protect, Waterproof, and Restore Black Leather – Product Review

Doc Bailey’s Leather Black

Diana purchased a bottle of Doc Bailey’s Leather Black a long time ago and it was sitting in the shop unopened. As our Soggy Hog Trip approached my thoughts drifted to waterproofing our gloves and boots.

I sprayed my work boots with a cheap aerosol water proofer from K-Mart. The brand was Texas Steer and it didn’t work. even though I sprayed several coats on my boots. Oh well, who needs warm dry feet?

Back to the Doc Bailey’s Leather Black which is sold at many motorcycle shops and by J&P Cycles. This leather treatment is made special for black leather. It’s great for motorcycle jackets, motorcycle chaps, motorcycle boots, motorcycle gloves, motorcycle seats and almost anything that starts with motorcycle. It’s like goopy shoe polish. The treatment promises to clean, nourish, restore color and waterproof. Doc Baily’s proudly advertises “Developed in Canada for extreme conditions”. I treated our leather gloves, Diana’s River Road boots and my motorcycle seat. It definitiely made the boots and gloves cleaner and softer. Diana’s boots looked like new. For these benefits it worked well and gets an A+. For waterproofing to endure “extreme conditions” it did not work. A big fat F! Thirty minutes into the trip my gloves were soaked. Oh well, who needs warm dry hands?

Leather Black

The bottle of Doc Bailey’s Leather Black came with an application sponge that you use to apply the goopy black substance. This is something you should apply with latex gloves on. I think there was more of this inky black stuff in my skin than in the leathers. The good news is that I work at a printing company and we have special cleansers for pressmen that takes ink off. It did a good job but didn’t get it all off. Oh well, who needs clean hands?

J&P Cycles

Do you have any suggestions for good leather treatment or waterproofing products?

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  1. Jay,

    I saw this stuff at the 2008 Donnie Smith Bike Show. I was pretty skeptical. It was sooo black, it reminded me of Grecian Formula for Men.

    Once dry, does the ink get onto other things, or is it pretty permanent?

  2. It soaks/penetrates into the leather pretty good.

  3. Hey, let me know what you find that does a good job waterproofing leather.

  4. I’m waiting for Dave to come by with one of his mirracle recomendations.

  5. After your last waterproofing post I tried to find the recipe for the animal fat and beeswax that I used when I was a scout. I searched and searched and could not find it. I was about to give up when I ran across this stuff. I can’t vouch for it because I have never used it but it’s called BearGuard. I am going to get me some. You’re closer so you probably will get to review it before I do. It’s made in Maine with real bear fat and beeswax! Check it out

  6. Hey Dude if you followed the directions and did the seams real good with a q-tip or such Doc Bailey’s will totally waterproof your leather.It is impossible that it won’t. That being said, Maybe the water is coming in a stitch hole or a seam that is to wide open. or even through the sole. I give Doc Bailey’s a AAA rating a far as a waterproofer. I’ve road hours in downpours for years and never got wet feet. You should look a other causes for the leaks. Stay away from animal fats they cause mold and attract dirt.Try the Doc Bailey’s on your Bike seat, I like to see you put that Bear fat on your harley seat and give me your opinion.Try Doc Bailey’s on your Chaps, Saddle bags and even your rubber running boards and Black Plastic.Nothing better period.Any questions call me 1-800-361-7467

  7. I will call and I will restest. But know this… I treated two pairs of gloves, a pair of boots and yes the seat too. Everything got soaked fairly quickly. No I did not Q-Tip the stitches.

  8. I spoke to Mike “Doc” Baily today on the phone and informed him that I followed the directions on the bottle and there was nothing about using a Q-Tip on there. Mike says that the instructions have been updated or are in the process of being updated but he believes 100% in his product if applied properly. I believe I applied the product as the average consumer would. I like the product and will give it another test run. I also mentioned to Mike that he still needs to find a better package as the product does not come out of the container easily. He was aware of the problem but has not come across a good solution yet.

  9. For our Rhode Island trip I retreated my full finger gloves and Diana’s boots. I worked the Black Leather in carefully and thorougly while wearing latex gloves. I massaged the Black Leather into the leather and stitching. Diana’s boots held up OK but being the passenger and the fact that it was not monsoon rain I don’t think that weighs in heavily in favor of Doc Baily’s Leather Black. I wore plastic gloves over my leather gloves and the leather still got wet where they were exposed to rain. It is my oppinion this doesn’t work as a waterproofer.

  10. I received the Bear Guard Boot Waterproofer from Lexington Outdoors. Test will be posted in near future.

  11. Keep in Mind that there is seems and stiching were the water leaks in. Doc Bailey’s will waterproof your leather, but seams and stiching where it has pulled apart. Not much you can do. a hole is a hole.

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