Jay & Diana Green start new riding group called The First State Ducks

Biker Rubber Ducky

Diana and I are back from our adventure into the Pennsylvania mountains with our HOG chapter! When asked on Thursday night if the trip was going to be canceled due to inclimate weather, I said “Screw It, Let’s Ride!”. I lead 40 dedicated Harley Davidson Enthusiasts on a trip that will be remembered for a life time. It was a wet wet wet weekend. We felt more like ducks then HOGs. We have a lot to write about and a lot of pictures. We tested a lot of products, experienced adverse weather conditions, visited great dealerships and have new philosophies and insights to ponder.

Make sure to check back regularly as we post new stories, reviews and adventures as a result of our trip. For now I leave you with this…

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  1. http://www.wetbuttriders.com/

    And welcome back.

  2. Thanks for the welcome and the link. I e-mailed the link to everyone who went on the ride.

  3. Quack Quack To the First State DUCKS
    while I had the honor to take on this challenge with the mighty DUCKS, I didnt make the grade and dropped out after 6 hours of rain and cold, and left the flock who had another 2 hours worth of riding.

    I took shelter in a nearby hotel, and attempted to get the rain out of my bones and gear….so much for rain gear….but during the course of this foolish “journey”
    I learned several things…

    1. If its the morning of the ride, and its pouring out, and the weather calls for rain all the days of your trip, Screw it, lets Ride, should be the last phrase you should speak.

    2. Dont buy middle of the road Rain Gear, spend the money and get the best, cause being dry in any situation, one by choice or just being caught in the rain, is something that is much more important, it helps immensley and prevents you from getting cold and more important, less fatigued.

    3. Our very wise and brave(if not brave perhaps a bit insane like the rest of us at the outset of this trip) Road Captain and event planner had wise words, and while I fought to ignore them, I finally gave in and dropped out to the comfort of that hotel….his words were this “dont do anything your not comfortable doing, ride at your own comfort level, and dont let the group influence you into more then you feel safe with”.
    while he meant this to be pushing through intersections and trying to keep up with the group, in times of traffic and street lights, and most likely as well the speed of the group espically in the inclement weather we were starting off with…..he did not know, that it would apply to me later, in a very different way.

    4. finally, that cause something that does not go as planned, there is still a chance to make the best of it after regrouping, even if its regrouping alone.

    The reason I dropped out, was because I was getting very tired, cold and drowzy, I wanted so much to push on, but those words rang over and over in my ears…I pushed out of formation and moved to the head of the group and signaled Jay to pull over and informed him of my choice, the response of my friend, and Guide, was he would find me a hotel, and make sure I got there safely, I assured him I would be fine, and urged him to get going, as I knew he had still a good leg of this trip ahead of him and the group, of which the weather and the days events had made this trip thus far very difficult. Later as I rest in the room, his offer to help me find a room, was now so obvious that he was once again, being the good leader, that he has shown to be more then once, for caring for one of his group, even if it was inconvient and stressful, for this….I salut Jay of the Ducks, Quack Quack.

    I am sorry I missed out on the comaraderie, and fun the group had, once they got to the hotels each night, but not sorry I missed the rain, and cold and miserable conditions the next two days would hold for them……but thats his story…..and he will tell it…..for me, the next day I headed home, and when faced with how to plot that route, I simply reveresed his well laid out route that had gotten me to where I was, and I must say, the 75 degree weather that I was having much furher south of the group, who was still in pretty much constant rain…I loved the route, enjoyed the ride, stopped at numerous yard sales and even a few farmers markets and flea markets…going through Amish country on a saturday morning was a great ride and I with a hint of guilt, finally found the enjoyment I was seeking when I started out in the rain the day before.

    the moral of this experience is…….Screw it. lets Ride, is a great motto, but dont let it cloud your good judgement, if you asked any of these First State Ducks would you do it again…..thier response would be

    QUACK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

    Skip AKA “Diesel”

  4. We salute you my fine feathered friend for making the wise but difficult decision to drop out; we also hate you for having such a great ride back on Saturday. Just kidding of course! Looking forward to our Romp To Rhode Island next month. If it rains, I’ll call you from New England while Diana and I are dining on lobster tail, steamers and clam chowder!

  5. quack quack waddle waddle!

  6. Very interesting. I’m looking forward to reading your posts. Sorry the weather did it’s best to ruin the fun, but you can let us know how it all went. I’m glad you all made it back safely, that’s the most important detail. Later. Lady R

  7. Looking forward to the details. Glad you didn’t let the weather stop you from the ride, just the way it should be; just my opinion. Did you guys road test that rubber ducky?

  8. I came up with my own adaptation of the Harley “Rally Cry”- I call it the “Soggy Bottom Weekend Survivor Rally Cry” Jay asked me to post it, so here it is:

    Over the past weekend in the saddle, we saw Rain, Wind, Sleet, Fog and some Sunshine. But we came out stronger than before, because good friends and a good ride put distance between us and whatever Mother Nature could throw at us. The rumble of two dozen V-Twins drowned out all the crap the world had to offer at the time. If it proved one thing, it’s that good times are what you make of it and we made it a good time, so SCREW IT, LET’S RIDE!

  9. My thoughts exactly, thank you Laurie!

  10. AMEN, sister!!!

  11. I’m the one person that NEVER rides in the rain or cold. I HATE IT and I refuse to do it! But I have to tell you that I had a ball!!!!! I never knew being cold and wet could be so fun. And painfull. But, of course, it was the company that made it so enjoyable. It was soooo worth it. Will I do it again in the cold and rain? I’ll think about it!!!!!!!! Let me dry out first. That is like asking a woman how has just given birth if she will have any more kids.

    Can’t wait for the next ride! Thanks everyone and thank you Jay. You did a great job and so did everyone involved-road captains, etc.

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