Cleaning Melted Plastic Off Chrome Pipes

Blue Job Can

The recipie for cleaning melted plastic, melted rubber, and even girlfriend skin from your beautiful chrome pipes is Blue Job Chrome Polish + Elbow Grease. You can purchase Blue Job at J&P Cycles but you have to supply the Elbow Grease. J&P Cycles® – Motorcycle Parts and Accessories

Blue Job is different from abrassive chrome polishes as it is an oxidizer and will not scratch your beloved chrome. No swirlies or spider webs or any scratching at all!

4 Responses to “Cleaning Melted Plastic Off Chrome Pipes”

  1. Gasoline and Mothers Paint Scratch Remover.
    Wet rag with gasoline and hold it on the area. Old dealership t-shirts work really nice! This requires a lot of elbow grease. Re-apply gasoline as needed.
    After you have it off finish it off with the paint scratch remover.

  2. Thanks for the tip. Thanks from refraining on mentioning any particular dealership’s t-shirts that you would want to dip in gasoline.

  3. Any dealership tee shirt will work. I just have more of one than others. LOL

  4. Most of us have so gosh-darn many dealer tees that we could spare a few for the gasoline can!

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