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Previously I put the question to you, my readers, whether I should try to do my own 5,000 mile service or pay the professionals. Everyone seemed to think it is worth it to pay the guys who know what they are doing in order to keep my motorcycle safe and at its best.

Nothing against the dealership, but I can’t afford full fledged Harley Davidson service. Besides, I only trust two mechanics with my bike. One of the two is my friend Scott who is wrenching at Custom Cycle & Machine in New Castle, Delaware. I think of Scott as a performance guy. He is the guy to see if you want a bunch of mods done to your bike so it creates gobs of street pounding horsepower. 

The Custom Cycle & Machine service area is full of choppers and blinged out Harleys as well as retro Japanese bikes in need of work. I’m glad that they are busy. I was surprised how busy they are considering they moved from a highly visible location to a back pocket in an industrial park, not visible from the main road. I contacted Scott on Monday and said I wanted my bike serviced during the week and had to be done before my big trip next week. He said “No Problem”. I brought it in on Tuesday and he gave me a ride home. The bike was done by the end of the week. Even though it cost me well over $200 the bike is running very smooth and Mike Norris, the owner, treated me 1st class! Check out their website and their commercial.

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  1. Scott is taking care of my bike this week. (I better get a hug too!) 🙂

  2. It’s good that you found someone you can trust. Looks like a good shop and having a dyno helps if you decide to add anything to your bike. $200 beats $350 any day. I also found out that the dealership here “replaces” the air cleaner when they really don’t. They charge you for a new one, but they actually just clean it in a mild solution and slap it back in, which is all that is required. This is where I get angry. Just tell me you cleaned it as per the factory recommendations, but don’t lie and tell me you gave me a new one. This is the kind of crap that just furthers my distrust and faith in the dealership mechs. Glad you found someone you can trust. Also don’t trust any mech that simply tells you, “Oh, that’s just a inherent charicteristic of the Harley”…A good mech will explain a bit beyond that statement if he/she is worth their salt. Better yet, you got treated like a valued customer. Can’t beat that.

  3. As always, thanks for your insight Dave.

  4. Mike, Scott and Andrew can all be trusted. I’ve had nothing but good dealings with them.
    Normally I do all my own work (because I don’t like anyone messing with my bikes!)
    My Road King Custom was running like CRAP so I had to break down and take it to the shop. It had a high idle and was back firing when I would come off the throttle. I found I had a leak in the intake manifold by spraying brake cleaner around the flange. The bike stalled so I thought I would get in there in to CCM so they could check things out. First of all if you don’t have the right tool for the job you can’t do it yourself. I called Mike and he told me to bring it in. They found that both intake manifold gaskets were shot and they also found I had two holes in my gas line that primes the fuel injection. This alone filled my Power Commander with error codes that needed to be cleared.
    When I went to pick up the bike Andrew was great about explaining exactly what was done and then he showed me the parts he replaced.
    Custom Cycle and Machine has great prices and they do quality work.

  5. Kent, I appreciate the comment. I understand that there are several guys that you ride with who also bring their motorcycles to CCM. Could you pass on the word that they can come here and add their input.

  6. Glad you found a good mech. you can trust.

  7. God Jay, you’re such a post whore ~~~

    It’s awesome you found a good place you can trust to do your wrenching for you; I still say it’s well worth the money. You don’t have 200 hundred bucks anymore. You do have piece of mind and safety. You got a great deal I think.

  8. First you insinuate that I am a bad HOG because I don’t have “colors” and now you call me a post whore! Should I be offended?
    By the way, just a little clarification… the service was more than $200 but less than $300 but I don’t want to put a specific number on it.

  9. I never insinuated anything! I just asked where you put ’em if you didn’t have a vest. If you look at my latest post, you’ll notice not everyone in Blackstone wears their rockers all the time either.

    Offended? I hope not. If that’s all it takes to get you offended you’re going to be making lots of money for Dr. Ulcer. Look at it this way, I never said a word when you were trying to peddle your used boots…


  10. My ulcer is killing me.

  11. I still have those boots, any takers?

  12. After rental bowling shoes, used boots don’t seem so bad.

  13. I’ll cut you a good deal on my boots Mr Prospect! I don’t like them but maybe you will.

  14. The guys at CCM are top notch. I had a power commander and screaming eagle air filter and a dyno tuneup and my bike never ran so good. They treated me 1st class and I made some friends. Thanks Mike, good job.

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