The Preride “Return To Mansfield” – Penn Leather: A Motorcycle Oasis of Leather

Me in my Harley Davidson Jet II helmet at Skyline Drive

Last Saturday Diana and I did a preride of the 1st leg for our upcoming trip to Mansfield, Pennsylvania. It was only Diana’s second day out on her motorcycle this season and her first on the streets. We hit a wide variety of roads from Amish country farm roads to Interstate Highways. Diana isn’t into the expressway scene but she handled it like a champ.

I couldn’t sleep that night. That wasn’t what I had in mind for our trip. Getting from point A to Point B via the most direct route is not what my club is into. We like scenery. The route hit too close to Lancaster and Harrisburg. I got up early Sunday morning and mapped out a new route that was all scenic byways and country roads. I left my house at 9:30am to preride the new route. Diana stayed home as 200 miles on Saturday was a good start to her season, no need to push it. Her chiropractor wouldn’t be happy with me if I dragged her along.

This new ride was the bomb! Sweeping back roads with more twists and turns than you could wish for. Beautiful Pennsylvania farm land for miles and miles. I was in the zone except for being just a bit chilly. I seem to be cold blooded these days. It was supposed to hit 70 degree’s so I dressed a little lighter than I wish I did. I could have used just one more layer. I was missing my thermal long underwear and thinking it was time for a new leather jacket. This one wasn’t keeping out the chill and the broken zippers on the pockets were letting the wind in. [Read more →]