Controlled Recklessness Is Cool – Stunting In Enclosed Area – Fun Video

8 Responses to “Controlled Recklessness Is Cool – Stunting In Enclosed Area – Fun Video”

  1. I love this kind of stuff, but have to wonder how many times they trash their bikes.

  2. Glad you appreciate it Mr M

  3. I think this stuff is cool to watch, but I can imagine how much crashing goes on to perfect the moves. We saw a team of 8 or so stunt bikers at the Bike Fest we went to a couple weeks ago and they were very good. They did the kind of tricks you see on this video. I’ll continue being a bystander. Lady R

  4. I like the soundtrack and special affects thrown in.

  5. I love watching these guys do this kind of crap, well, in a controlled environment anyway. I wish I had the money to burn through tires and buy a bike I don’t mind dropping once in awhile. What am I saying, I gave that up after the last hospital bill. Thanks for the buzz.

  6. I don’t mean to rain on the parade but I’m not a big fan of the stunt stuff. Granted, there’s a certain combination of psychosis and talent that I could never match involved, but I’ll stick to cruising the boulevard if that’s ok. Plus, I hate rap music. One part I did love though – walking the bike around in a burn-out by the throttle – now that’s cool.

  7. Go to I just posted the commercial for custom cycle & machine. I just tried to embed the code but I guess you aren’t set up for that.

  8. Don’t feel bad Joker, it doesn’t do much for me either. Just seems like a bunch of morons trying a little too hard to prove thier manliness…think they are overcompensating for something? The biggest thing I was impressed with was the editing…and how well the stunts were “choreographed” to the music.

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