Moto-Maps Product Review

Moto-Maps Rhode Island & Connecticut

My intention in developing was to bring you information and stories that will enhance your touring experience whether it be day trips or week long journeys. For those of you interested in riding further than your local watering hole, here is another product review that fits the bill.

There is a company called Moto-Maps in New Hampshire that makes little laminated flip chart booklets of scenic backroads perfect for motorcyclists. You do not have to go to New Hampshire to get these maps as I have them for sale at

To help plan my upcoming Rhode Island trip I purchased the Connecticut & Rhode Island edition of Moto-Maps. To get a better shipping rate I ordered two additional maps: New York and Massachusetts. Each booklet includes maps and turn by turn directions for 6 or 7 loops. The books are small so that they can fit in pockets or small compartments. They are laminated for durability. They are bound by ring clips so you can remove just the trip you are using that day. Moto-Maps also sells some accessories to compliment the maps. They have a special map holder that straps onto your arm and a map clip that attaches to a shield.

Rhode Island Loop With Turn By Turn Directions

The maps cost less than $10.00 so you can’t go wrong. No matter how you choose to use your Moto-Maps I’m sure you will enjoy the rides. I’ll post a follow up review after my Rhode Island trip in June.

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