Planning a Motorcycle Trip To New England – From the First State to the Smallest State

New England Motorcycle Trip Planning

One of my riding buddies is from Rhode Island and I am from Massachusetts, so we are planning a little trip from Delaware to home for some clam chowder and other New England goodies. We were thinking of going up to Laconia for Bike Week, but instead we are just gonna hit Rhode Island. We are going to sleep over with relatives one night to save on hotel expenses; they don’t know it yet! If that fails I might have to rent some space from Joker.

To plan the ride routes for our 3 day trip we have used some maps from AAA, The Harley Owners Group Touring Handbook, Scenic Highways & Byways and a new item I ordered from the Road Captain USA Book Store. This new item is the Moto-Maps for Rhode Island & Connecticut.

Moto-Maps Rhode Island & Connecticut

Hint: AAA maps are free to AAA members. I got mine out of a self serve vending machine at AAA.

Diana and I met up with my buddy one night last week to plan the route. We laid all the maps out on a table and planned the trip. Diana researched the Internet to find us a motel for the second night of our trip

Here is the plan:

1. Haul ass up the New Jersey Turnpike early Saturday morning

2. In Fort Lee, NJ we will get off the Interstate just before the George Washington Bridge and hop onto the Palisades Parkway, Route 9W. We’ll take that up to the Tappen Zee Bridge where we will cross the Hudson River.

3. We will enter Connecticut on the Merritt Parkway, Route 15. Towards the end of the Merrit Parkway we will drop down to Route 1 which meanders along the Connecticut coastline right into Rhode Island.

4. My buddy will stay in Newport and I will head to Fall River, Massachusetts where I will stay with my cousins (I hope).

5. Sunday morning we will regroup in historic Newport, RI and check out the sights. Then we will ride the two riding loops laid out in Moto-Maps for Rhode Island.

Moto-Maps Rhode Island Loop

Rhode Island Loop With Turn By Turn Directions

6. Then we will head west across the northern border of Connecticut on routes that are marked “scenic” by AAA and the Harley Owners Group Touring Handbook. We will drop down to Poughkeepsie, New York where we will stay at nice little Motel.

7. Monday we will cross the Hudson and catch 9W which follows the Hudson River down to Fort Lee, New Jersey. Then it’s back onto the NJ Turnpike to Delaware.

I’m looking forward to this trip with just two or three bikes. It will be my first motorcycle trip without the pressure of being the HOG Activities Officer who planned the event. It will be different zipping along the throughway without worrying about the safety of a dozen or more bikes following behind. I won’t have to be concerned with someone getting a bad hotel room or not liking the food at the restaurant. Even though I don’t have kids, this is like a Fathers Day present to myself. I can’t wait!

Hopefully I will bump into some characters in New England like Joker, Crusty and Rippin Kitten.