FSH 2008 Spring Motorcycle Trip – Return To Mansfield

The Little Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania

It seems like I only took my motorcycle out of winter hibernation a few weeks ago and now it’s already May 1st. That means the club trip I have been planning since November is only two weeks away!

Map and brochure for motorcycling

Last year I organized my first HOG event, a 3 day trip to the Little Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania. The 18 First State HOG members that trusted me and participated in the September trip had a fantastic time. While in the Mansfield Wellsboro region of Tioga County Pennsylvania we bonded with the members of the Endless Mountains HOG chapter who lead us on rides of the area and hosted us to a bar-b-que. To say the trip was memorable would be an understatement. It was beyond great! A true Harley Davidson experience!

Little Grand Canyon trip for First State HOg and Endless Mountains HOG

In November I e-mailed the Director of Endless Mountains that we wanted to come back as soon as spring broke. Lance, the Director of Endless Mountains,  thought it was a great idea and the planning began for a joint club adventure! We set a date that both clubs agreed to. Lance suggested we visit a unique Harley Davidson dealership in DuBois, PA. Diana and I researched the hotels we would stay at. I contacted DuBois Harley Davidson to let them know we would be visiting their dealership. I also notified Cox’s Northern Tier Harley Davidson in Mansfield to let them know we were coming back. Lance put together a great ride route for day 2 of the trip. I met with our Head Road Captain to plan the route to Mansfield and the return trip home from DuBois. I put together a flyer with the details of the trip. We took sign ups for the trip at all of our monthly HOG meetings throughout winter.

The popularity of our first trip must have spread because we now have over 30 riders and over 40 members including passengers coming on this next trip. That’s just from our chapter! We will be meeting up with Endless Mountains on day two of the trip which should add another 10 bikes to our entourage. We booked every room at West’s Deluxe Motel and some of our members will be staying at a nearby biker friendly B&B called The Cross Roads Bed & Breakfast.

West’s Deluxe Motel was awesome!

So now I’m putting together the final details like the itinerary and official trip maps to create “The Rider Packet”. I’m also contacting the two dealerships we are visiting to remind them that we are coming in full force and will buy lots of T-Shirts if they give us a special discount, hint hint. Next week I have to get on the horn and call everyone to confirm who is coming. This weekend I plan on taking a dry run of the first leg of the trip. Also gotta set up the house sitter to watch over the ranch while we are away.


Soon we will hit the road for another spectacular 3 day trip to the Pennsylvania mountains and the legendary scenery of Route 6. New memories and friendships will be made. Old friendships will be strengthened. We will experience the thrill that only motorcycle touring enthusiasts can appreciate. I can’t wait! Let the games begin!

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  1. It’s going to be a long two weeks…I feel the excitement in your post and rightfully so. Sounds like you have things well in hand. Can’t wait for the details.

  2. I promise great pictures and a great follow up story.

  3. How fun and exciting to plan the trip! Have a great adventure and I look forward to reading all about it!

  4. We did a pre-ride of the first leg of the trip today. Weather was miserable. The weatherman kept promising 73 degrees for the day, but it was 56 when we left at noon and 64 when we got back home at 7:00.

    I am still a relatively new rider, my bike isn’t built for long trips, and I couldn’t hack that much riding for 3 days straight…so I will be riding on the back of Jay’s bike when we take the trip in 2 weeks. But I rode my bike today! We got as far as the Susquehanna River just past Harrisburg, PA. It was a 3-hour ride (about 100 miles) one way. I actually did great…other than freaking out when we got on the interstate highway for a couple of miles. (Why was I unaware THAT was part of the plan!!!)

    It was overcast and threatened rain every minute. Did I mention it was cold? We made it home safely–before dark and without getting wet. So now I am curled up in my jammies sipping on some hot cocoa with a little buttershot schnappes in it.

    Fabulous day. I am now totally psyched about the upcoming trip. It’s gonna rock! 🙂

  5. I was sure we would get wet and be riding in the dark by time we got home. Neither happened so I thought our ride was a success. Diana was freaking out about riding on several expressways but she did awesome. I didn’t know what to expect that’s why the “dry run” was so important to do before the big trip with our club.

  6. Hello to the First State Chapter!
    I just wanted you to know that our Chapter is excited about the ride we will be sharing with all of you! I look forward to seeing you all again and meeting so many new friends from your chapter! I have also put in a word for Great Weather!!! I know that the weekend will be great and it will be new territory for me too!
    See you next weekend!

  7. Thanks Wendy, we look forward to seeing you again.

  8. Diana and I rode the 1st leg of the trip on Saturday. She was tramatized by the Interstates. I mapped a new route Sunday morning and rode that all day Sunday. Made up the Rider Packet tonight. Getting close to trip time!

  9. Traumatized??? (I wasn’t thrilled, but traumatized??)!!!

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