This Picture Says It All – Check Out Smil’n Bob Grinning Ear to Ear

Old School Bob

I think this picture says it all. Check out my good friend Bob cruising through the backroads of southern Delaware on his tricked out Sportster 1200. He has done alot to this bike, notice the wide forks! Bob is one of two people I ride with that doesn’t wear a helmet; he looks like he is having such a good time I might have to ditch mine.

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  1. Interesting seeing wide forks and apes on the same bike I ride. Looks good though I’m not real hot on where he put his directionals. Did you notice he has his mirrors backwards? Oh well, the testament to the HD rider is doing things his or her own way.

    It’s cool to see the way others do it, even if you wouldn’t choose their way.

    Now, one more thing – and you must know I wasn’t going to let this one slide – Smilin’ Bob? Does he use Enzyte, the “once-daily tablet for natural male enhancement?” LOL!

  2. mmwwhahahahah! I was thinking it Joker, I was thinking it. Bob don’t need no enzyte, he’s got a Harley to ride when he needs to get it up. Yup, the smile says it all, pure bliss. That’s a good picture.

  3. No Enzyite not needed as long as I have my harley. The directional are there because of the sheild. I can move it up or down for more or less protection! also do to the wide glide I didn’t have many options.The mirrors are turned in because I park my girl in front of my apartment and its up an alley way with just enough room to get her there.My sporty is an 05 with 48000 miles does that tell you anything! Goin to Mlllwalkee this summer!!!!!

  4. Thanks for for the explantion Old School Bob. I’m glad you like your new nickname. Looking forward to riding to Mansfield with you buddy!

  5. Bob,
    You make me feel pathetic…since you’d have to knock a zero off your mileage in order to get mine! (I am putting a few more hundred on her tomorrow though)
    Glad the doc has given you clearance to ride again. Can’t wait for Mansfield…6 days and counting!

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