Steve Williams Scooter Sighting

It’s a relaxing Monday night in the Green household. Diana is reading blogs and I am catching up on my motorcycle magazines. I’m speed reading through the June 2008 issue of Rider. Skipping bike reviews for bikes I would never buy, skipping articles on rides in places I will never visit, skipping reviews for products I would never buy. I’m reading an article about a motorcycle club called the Rounders. These are people who ride all year round and pride themselves on welcoming in all brands of two wheeled transportation. Then it hits me! Low and behold on page 116 there is a picture of a 2006 Vespa GT250ie scooter on a snowy road outside Pine Grove Mills, Pennsylvania…. the picture is by our own Steve Williams of Scooter In The Sticks! Steve’s scooter blog may have gone into hibernation but his spirit is still alive in the motorcycle community!

Steve Williams Sighting!

4 Responses to “Steve Williams Scooter Sighting”

  1. Very nice find!! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Hey, that guy takes some really nice pictures! I don’t care if he has a scooter, that dude is hard core. Thanks for the pointer.

  3. I saw that it was awesome!

  4. Steve is such an inspiration.


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