Ride Like A Pro On The Dragon DVD – Product Review

Ride The Dragon

In this video Jerry “The Motorman” Palladino takes his staff to the legendary Deals Gap aka the Tail Of The Dragon. There are 318 curves in this 11 mile stretch of road in North Carolina & Tennessee. Have you wondered if you could handle the Dragon? I know I have. This video will show you the techniques you need to ride a large cruiser on the Dragon or any piece of challenging tarmac with twisties, switch backs and blind turns. Bring it on! Excellent crash footage of fools on rocket bikes riding over their skill level included for your pleasure. Filmed mostly by Yellow Wolf Videos. Click here to see the trailer at YouTube.

I liked watching this DVD, but I recommend it as a companion to Ride Like A Pro. This is like a bonus chapter. If you learn the skills and go out and apply them in the twisties then this DVD really doesn’t teach you more but it does illustrate how to use the techniques in real life. If you are susceptable to motion sickness do not watch this.

If you want to get your hands on anything you can that will make you a better rider then get this DVD. What won’t kill you will make you stronger. Since Jerry dropped the jokes in this video, it won’t kill you!

Click here for more information on this and other Ride Like A Pro DVD’s.

4 Responses to “Ride Like A Pro On The Dragon DVD – Product Review”

  1. We watched these videos at the HOG chapter one night. Pretty cool stuff. I have a copy of ride like a pro. I met Jerry last year at the Tennessee State HOG Rally. In fact I met him and his wife and the lady that rides the yellow bike and her husband. The lady on the yellow bike and her husband are super nice folks. I led a ride down to Jack Daniel’s in Lynchburg for these people.


  2. Ronman, you meet everyone! First Swag. Now Jerry “Motorman” Palladino. Dave met the Governator. What’s next you guys gonna ride with Jay Leno?

  3. I’d like to ride the Dragon, but it’s so damn far away. I’ve seen videos of it on YouTube, where someone filmed the whole ride, and well, it really doesn’t look all that bad. There are some roads here in SoCal alot more twisty than that, and longer in miles. But I still gotta ride it to see what it’s all about.

    You know, I read a lot of reviews of the Coronado Trail, in Arizona, and got the impression that it was extremely twisty, and so exhausting, stretched out over 123 miles, that people wished they hadn’t attempted it. It turned out to be a piece of cake, and among my top rides ever. So I get the sense that the Dragon is the same way, though I’m not sure 11 miles is anything to write home about. A lot of people exaggerate stuff, because either they’re still noobs, or I don’t know what.

  4. I think the Dragon is a bigger deal to the sport bike community. I think the attraction is that there are no interesections, on ramps or driveways in addition to the 318 curves in 11 miles. The performance riders and drivers out there think it is a closed course race track with the only danger being the oncoming lane. Haveing a few specialty lodges on the Dragon increases its popularity as a motorcycle destination. I saw a cool advertisement for motorcycle tours in the Alps. It read something like: 318 curves every 11 miles!

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