Brake Light Mens Motorcycle Boots By Harley Davidson #D91680 – Product Review

Maybe good motorcycle boots are not motorcycle boots; or do I mean that good motorcycle boots are not good motorcycle boots? I’m not sure what I mean. Read on… 

Brake Light D91680 $119

Harley Davidson Brake Light Boots 

Part# D91680

Retails for $119

I have met some real bikers that like these boots. I don’t like them, the boots I mean. I have owned a pair of these longer than I have owned my motorcycles. For me… these are my “wanna-be” boots. They have a really good lug sole! It grips the road really well, even in the rain. Probably the same rugged sole used on every pair of Harley Davidson motorcycle boots. The boots say “Harley Davidson” on them in twenty places on each boot. It’s stamped on each rivet. They look real “bad ass” and I wore them on many a body guard job. If I were gonna shove a size 10 up someones back side, this would be the boot!

They have a decorative rope with a metal knob at each end that does absolutely nothing. There are no laces. Just two zippers. Nothing to snug them up for a firm fit. Just a loose fit. Maybe this is the same fit that engineer boots have. Maybe most people like this loose fit. They are terribly uncomfortable for walking because the sole is stiff. A full day adventure in these and I can’t wait to get them off.

Now that I’m getting serious about my riding I want a pair of boots that fit firmly. A pair of boots with plain old fashioned laces will do just fine. Between the Brake Light Boot and a pair of Heavy Unit work boots which do you think I have been wearing lately?

Harley vs Heavy Unit

The Heavy Units have thinsulate lining sandwiched between two layers of leather. I think it might be the lining and two layers of leather that makes them feel so sturdy. Definitely sturdier than single wall leather work boots like a pair of black Timberlands I have. They are partially waterproof. I bought them at a camping store’s going out of business sale for $35 over ten years ago. These are just ordinary work boots that you can wear comfortably all day. They may not shout “Hey look at me, I’m a biker”. But they do get the job done. And, I don’t mind walking around in them. The only problem I have is that they don’t grip the road in wet conditions.

I was wondering… does anyone else find it ironic that bulky motorcycle boots make it difficult to shift motorcycle gears? If you ride a bike with pegs you have to manuever your foot in an awkward position to get it from over the foot peg to under the shift lever.

Once again I find myself agreeing with some points made by Steve Johnson at Motorcycle Philosophy. Here is a quote from his Febrary 29th, 2008 post “How To Look Like A Biker”:

These days, I ride my motorcycle wearing the same clothes that I wear anywhere else, which is a t-shirt, a pair of jeans, and my pair of Wolverines. I don’t wear a leather jacket, in fact I don’t wear any leather, except for my Wolverines.

Maybe I should hop over to and git me some new Wolverines or any workboots. But then again, why should I? These $35 boots got a lot more miles in them, they just don’t look too pirty!

Anyone out there wanna buy a used pair of Harley Davidson Brake Light boots? They are size 9 and still have many miles left in them. They look awesome! Send me 1/3rd the retail cost and I will pay for shipping. I’ll even leave in the Dr Scholl’s Advantage Sport inserts! If interested send me an e-mail at

I should waterproof the Heavy Unit work boots. Any reccomendations on waterproofing products?

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  1. I “had” a pair of Breaklights myself as my last pair of Harley boots. I agree they look cool, but are not great biker boots. The were horibly uncomforable after a long day in them. I had problems with the zippers. I had to have a shoe repair place fix them twice till they could not be fixed anymore. Harley would not warranty them as they were more than a year old. They are called breaklights because they are meant for wearing untill after you (stop) riding. Get the pun? This is actually true though. They were never meant for use as a riding boot. Not sure why they did not make them a little more comfortable due to the idea behind them. I did love the zipper for easy on and off , so my next pair of true Harley riding boots has a zipper as well, but only one, instead of two, and does have laces to snug them up. I am much happier with the new ones.
    Good luck with what ever you decide to ride with.

  2. You crack me up Jay.

    I’ve always said “to each his own” when it comes to how to dress for riding, as long as you feel safe and comfortable. If you feel better in work boots than in so-called “biker” boots, that’s fine. I suggest these:

    I went through 3 pairs of these in 8 years doing construction. They are not cheap, but they break in immediately and are the most comfortable, snug, warm, dry boots I’ve ever worn. They are also re-soleable. There are two layers of leather, and they have thinsulate. I put them through hell on the job, and my feet were always warm and dry. They’re well worth the money. Since you’d be wearing them riding and walking around instead of doing construction, I’d have to say one pair of these would last you many, many years.

    When riding I prefer a slip-on boot like a harness or engineer style for a few reasons. Sure, I think they look good, and they’re comfortable. But, most importantly, in an accident, if your foot gets caught on something, hopefully you’ll lose the boot – not your foot. In my accident, my right boot caught between the bike and the ground. The side zipper burst open and the boot was pulled half-off my foot. They cut it off the rest of the way. Had I been wearing lace-ups tied tightly…who knows, I may have lost that foot. As it is, it damn near got torn off the end of my leg. Far fetched? Maybe, but after that, I’ll never wear lace-ups while riding my bike.

    That’s just what works for me.

  3. Mark, please tell us more about the “other” boot. What model are they? Do you reccomend them?

  4. Those are pricey boots Joker! Thanks for the reccomendation. The tear away boot theory is worth consideration and you are the expert.

  5. Jay, I shit you not, those Red Wings are worth every cent. Just go try a pair on and you’ll see. It’s like walking on a cloud. Look at it this way, it’s two large now and you’re good for years. It beats paying $60 bucks for boots that leak after 6 months. JMO.

  6. Dave where are you? I am waiting for one of your great product reccomendations for waterproofing my boots.

  7. Beeswax! Learned this as a boyscout. We would make our own out of, you guessed it, beeswax, ash, soapflakes and water with some animal fat. I don’t remember the recipe. Sued and brushed leather will darken and get slick, but if you don’t care about that then this stuff kicks butt. Black or dark, smooth leather doesn’t change that much.

    Try “Robson’s Beeswax with Carnuba”. I think you can get it on amazon.

    I will buy a boot that looks angry but that I can wear all day. I was just wearing Timberline, but found that they were too narrow and not too comfy. Don’t like HD boots for the same reason, too much HD hype. However they did have one that was super comfortable that I still am wearing without all the HD bling. The “Miner” by Wolverine. The boot I thought was really comfortable and gripped slick and wet road, but wore out in 8 months was the “Nomad” by Tour Master. They were only about 60 bucks too. The “Miner” and the “Nomad” also were conservative enough to wear every day, which usually happens anyway….cause I ride everywhere….which is why they wear. Wow, I never really thought about that until now.

  8. Does anyone else have pebbles in their shoes? Sometimes I wear my regular everyday shoes when I commute to work on my bike. This wears through the heel of my shoes which are hollow. Then little pebbles pop into the hollow heels through little holes in the rubber and my shoes make funny sounds.

  9. Pebbles don’t usually get stuck in flip-flops! 😉

  10. Sorry RC, I can’t say I have ever had that problem. I would rather hear the sound you described than the voices in my head that tell me, “Go ride Dave, it’s ok, ride Dave…Dave? Are you riding yet?” Makes it hard to get anything done.

    I just noticed that instead of FLHX_Dave, my posts show up as HLFX_Dave on here. I must have typed it in wrong or something at one time. Thought I was losing it or seeing stuff. heh, You guys should have said something. It’s like having snot on your face and no one tells you about it because they don’t want to embarrass you. lol

  11. Your fly is down.

  12. You want hard to walk in? Try these!

  13. Do these fall under the catagory of “Biker Whore”???

  14. ABSOLUTELY!!!!

  15. Guys?

    The best, most comfortable (all-day-on-your-feet type comfortable), boots I’ve ever worn….

    They were designed by and for long-distance riders. I’m actually wearing a pair of Commandos right now, and they are more comfy than my regular loafers (I have a white collar 9-5 job). I’ve had this pair for 4 years and they’ve been resoled twice.

  16. jay, iwear carolina 16″ linesman boots. they lace up and give excellent leg protection from hot pipes. they have aero glide insole and are meant for long days. made in u s a they last forever. i have several pairs i switch daily for work.i’m currently running 4 1/2 years on 3 pair of boots. i’m a boilermaker so these get quite a workout. availalbe w/ steel toes and w/o.

  17. I’ve seen those boots Glimmer Man and they are sharp. I know you keep them shiney!

  18. Just bought a pair of these at Academy for $89.00. Called every Harley dealer in a hundred mile radius and stumbled across them at Academy…go figure. Started riding again a few months ago after 30 years on four wheels. Have a pair of lace-ups boots sitting in the closet gathering dust. May have worn them twice since I bought my bike. Too much of a pain but i just zip these up and go!

  19. I’m looking for a big size (2X+) jean jacket and pants combo that looks good on a bike. I hate it when my jacket is a different color than my pants…I know that sounds gay, but I need to look good. I’m even open to a black denim combo. I also would like to get some denim with leather patches in the right places…It’s too hot to ride in full chaps, but my bike heats up pretty good here in TX and I can feel the motor heat through my denim right in my crotch and inner thigh area. Any suggestions for leather crotch protection or some pro who can sew something for me?

  20. Sorry, I don’t know a pro who can sew a leather crotch protector for a bro.

  21. Thinks for the info!!

  22. […] when you are walking. I remember before I came to this conclusion and wore a big heavy pear of Harley-Davidson Brake Light boots. After a long day of riding my feet begged to be let out of them. Someone please take off my […]

  23. I own the Brake Lights and I agree. They look amazing but they are hard to shift in and “feel” your feet in. They also killed my feet when I wore them more than a few hours walking. I now wear a pair of leather ankle boots that I bought at a sale online and I love them. They have a good enough sole to grip the road and I can feel to shift so much better. This was a fun blog post. I enjoyed reading and weighing in.

  24. Are harley davidson brake light boots resoleable???

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