Brake Light Mens Motorcycle Boots By Harley Davidson #D91680 – Product Review

Maybe good motorcycle boots are not motorcycle boots; or do I mean that good motorcycle boots are not good motorcycle boots? I’m not sure what I mean. Read on… 

Brake Light D91680 $119

Harley Davidson Brake Light Boots 

Part# D91680

Retails for $119

I have met some real bikers that like these boots. I don’t like them, the boots I mean. I have owned a pair of these longer than I have owned my motorcycles. For me… these are my “wanna-be” boots. They have a really good lug sole! It grips the road really well, even in the rain. Probably the same rugged sole used on every pair of Harley Davidson motorcycle boots. The boots say “Harley Davidson” on them in twenty places on each boot. It’s stamped on each rivet. They look real “bad ass” and I wore them on many a body guard job. If I were gonna shove a size 10 up someones back side, this would be the boot!

They have a decorative rope with a metal knob at each end that does absolutely nothing. There are no laces. Just two zippers. Nothing to snug them up for a firm fit. Just a loose fit. Maybe this is the same fit that engineer boots have. Maybe most people like this loose fit. They are terribly uncomfortable for walking because the sole is stiff. A full day adventure in these and I can’t wait to get them off.

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