Indoctrination of a Road Captain Prospect

Me in my Harley Davidson Jet II helmet at Skyline Drive

Although many of you on the Internet know me as Road Captain, I am not yet officially a HOG Road Captain. As the Activities Officer for First State HOG I have been put in the position of leading some of of the rides I have planned. Leading members of my own club that I ride with often is OK with me. Today was different. Today I had to lead a group of strangers who I have never met through a poker run course in southern Delaware. I don’t know the backroads of southern Delaware that well. I have been through the course 3 times, but still I worried that I might miss a turn with 20 bikers following me. Those backroads are too tight to pull a U-Turn on with a group that big. The pressure was on! Here are some of the questions and situations I experienced: [Read more →]