A Beautiful Day for a Ride

Diana Pillion Princess

Friday in The First State was the first absolutely gorgeous day of the spring.  It seemed we practically jumped straight from winter to summer.  Just the day before I was scraping frost off my windows for the commute in to work in the morning, and here it is pushing 82 degrees!

Spring was in the air and you could feel it.  All I could think about for the whole day at work was how great a day it would be to be riding.  Road Captain came home at lunchtime and swapped out his car for The Transformer which has been stripped down naked all winter.  He only has a 5-10 minute trek, but still I couldn’t help but be jealous.

He arrived home from work a few minutes after me, and we quickly discovered that we hadn’t taken anything out for dinner.  So we decided to hop on the bike and head out to Jake’s Hamburgers…but not before snapping on the detachable backrest so my chiropractor doesn’t kill me next week!

After a bite to eat, we headed off up Paper Mill Road toward Hockessin and the closest thing to a rolling hill that exists in Delaware.  We took several windy twisty roads through White Clay Creek State Park.  After a few interesting turns, I decided that either we were heading somewhere specific that I had no idea where it was or that Jay was hopelessly lost.

It was a fabulous ride nonetheless.  We rode down several one lane roads through woods and along a stream for awhile.  As we pulled up to the first stop sign I had seen in about 20 minutes, I tapped Jay on the shoulder and asked if he knew where he was.  He shrugged as if to say “I haven’t got a clue!” and took off down another curvy road.

For some reason, knowing that we were lost made it even better!  It made it all about the ride.  Jay was practicing some of the cornering techniques he learned from the videos he’s been watching lately.  We took some of those curves at speeds and lean angles that would have scared me to death if I was on my bike!  But it all seemed so smooth, Jay was in complete control of the bike, the road, everything except the directions….

We must have passed into Pennsylvania at some point because we rode past a bunch of mushroom and compost farms that smelled so bad I almost choked to death at one point.   The mushroom farm back in my home town (Reisterstown, MD) never stunk that much!  At one point we pulled up to a traffic light where the cross road was labeled Gap-Newport Pike (aha! familiar territory!)  We quickly found our way back down Limestone Road where we passed the Limestone Veterinary Hospital.  I had only been there once, but it was to have “the puppy” put down last fall.  I miss that big dumb dog.  🙁

Pulling back into our neighborhood it was just starting to get dark.  Everything in this evening had been perfect.  It was a beautiful day for a ride! !

8 Responses to “A Beautiful Day for a Ride”

  1. Looks likes all your cold weather decided to come to SoCal, because today was fricken cold. At least for these parts anyways. Glad to know someone had a great day of riding.

  2. Sounds like you had a nice first ride of Spring! I can’t tell you how many times Harley and I get “lost” while riding. But, being lost is not relative to riding motorcycles. It only roads we haven’t discovered yet! We started taking a Topo map with us because it will identify everything down to the smallest dirt road. But, you nailed it when you said “It’s all about the ride!” I couldn’t agree with you more. Glad your out and about! Lady R

  3. Nothing quite like those ‘rides to nowhere.’ Sound like you guys had a great time – with many more to come I’m sure.

  4. The weather all around just seems crazy. It was 92 one day and the next 52. Sounds like a good ride. If you can’t get lost once in awhile then you are not living. Thanks for sharing the lost highway.

  5. Thank you everyone for your comments. It has definitely been a fabulous weekend here (for the most part). We just got back from our club poker run today — which was great up until the last couple of groups got dumped on by a sudden downpour! We all rushed to get the food and check-ins moved inside, just in time for the sun to come back out! Crazy weather, I tell you!

  6. I love exploring where I’ve never been before. My motto is “Not all who wander are lost”. Still, though, getting lost can be a drag, at least for a while. This is an area where I found a great use for a GPS. I navigate well on my own but always try to keep a running map in my head. With the GPS I really don’t have to worry. No matter what fork I take, which road we explore, etc., when it’s time to head home I just pull out the GPS and hit “home”. So you’re never really lost, you see?

  7. Hi There! Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    You’ve got a great site here, I really like it!

    The more I think about it, the more I think I’m going to have to go for the Dyna. Just checking out eBay and craigslist, it’s amazing how many Sportsters are put up there. Initially, the price of the Sportsters was what drew me to that line, but I’ve realized that I need to pick something that I’m going to love for the long run.. if that means spending more money, I’ll just have to do it — I’m sure I won’t regret it!!

    The BRC is next week — I can barely wait until I get to go on rides to nowhere myself!!

  8. Jake,
    It is always great to get new readers. My hubby and I try very hard to keep this blog up to date with informative, interesting, and sometimes controversial articles. Thanks for the compliments. Feel free to stop by and leave comments any time. 🙂

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