A Beautiful Day for a Ride

Diana Pillion Princess

Friday in The First State was the first absolutely gorgeous day of the spring.  It seemed we practically jumped straight from winter to summer.  Just the day before I was scraping frost off my windows for the commute in to work in the morning, and here it is pushing 82 degrees!

Spring was in the air and you could feel it.  All I could think about for the whole day at work was how great a day it would be to be riding.  Road Captain came home at lunchtime and swapped out his car for The Transformer which has been stripped down naked all winter.  He only has a 5-10 minute trek, but still I couldn’t help but be jealous.

He arrived home from work a few minutes after me, and we quickly discovered that we hadn’t taken anything out for dinner.  So we decided to hop on the bike and head out to Jake’s Hamburgers…but not before snapping on the detachable backrest so my chiropractor doesn’t kill me next week! [Read more →]