Patches & Pins Oh My – biker arts and crafts project – shadowbox

A bunch of pins and patches

Not all motorcyclists like to wear patches and pins on their jacket – gasp! What do you do with all these neat HOG patches and poker run pins if you don’t want to permanently adhere them to your favorite leather jacket? I understand Steve Johnson’s point when he says that bikers should wear what they normally wear. I don’t normally wear patches and pins. I don’t normally wear vests either. I had the poker run pins on my denim jacket for a while. I thought they looked a little funny so I recently took them out. With the pins in my denim jacket it looked like something Jeanie Bueller would wear.

Jennifer Grey

Here’s a thought: lets put these patches and pins in a cool shadow box! Go to AC Moore or any other craft supply store and buy a shadow box. Buy a piece of colored foam core to mount the patches and pins to. I got a red piece. You will need some glue and a pair of pliers that have a built in wire snipper.

Pliers with wire cutter

1. Cut the foam core so it fits into the frame.

2. Glue the patches on the foam core.

Glued patches on red foam core

3. Clip a little bit of the prongs off of the pins so they don’t go all the way through the foam core.

cut those prongs just a little bit

4. Stick the pins into the foam core with a little glue on the back of them.

Hog pins mounted with a little glue

5. Put a weight on the patches and wait for the glue to dry

6. Clean the glass for the shadow box

7. Attach any hanging hardware to the shadow box frame if needed

8. Assemble!

9. Hang it on the wall!

Finished Shadow Box

Still plenty of room to add pins and patches to for a few more seasons.

9 Responses to “Patches & Pins Oh My – biker arts and crafts project – shadowbox”

  1. I think that’s a pretty good idea for all them pins.

  2. Thanks Steve, by the way… I stopped wearing my Harley Davidson biker boots and have been wearing my workboots. They are not Wolverines but you get the idea. New post to come on that subject very soon.

  3. Nice idea. I’ll keep wearing mine for now though.


  4. Pretty crafty there RC! I’ve done shadow box projects before as gifts, and they are usually greatly appreciated by the recipient. This is a great way to keep something out on display for enjoyment, rather that hidden in the top drawer of the dresser to be forgotten about. Great post! Lady R

  5. Thanks Lady R and Ronman. Ronman, I’m sure your patches and pins look great on you. Hope you don’t mind me copying your MBI logo for my sidebar.

  6. Nice. I don’t wear my pins because I don’t want to lose them. I have a old vest they all sit that is nailed to a wall in the garage. Maybe I’ll frame the vest. Thanks for the thought.

  7. A while back I dedicated a whole piece to my boots…

  8. Nice post on the boots Steve. I almost had given up on biker boots and was going totally with the workboots… but riding in the rain today reminded me how much better the Harley davidson biker boots grip wet pavement compared to my workboots. I wish I could put the Harley Davidson biker boot lug sole on my old workboots.

  9. Very interesting patches, hey you can even get some custom made biker patches through Butler Patches, they offer great quality at reasonable price… Butler Patches

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