Surviving The Mean Streets – Instructional DVD

I think motorcycle education on street strategy should be emphasized more. This DVD is on the right track and you can bet I will get my hands on it and share a review with you. I have to check with my friends to see if anyone has it before I lay out the cash. I will if I have to because what is more important than Survival?! If you are interested in purchasing Surviving The Mean Streets by Jerry “Motorman” Palladino then click here.

One Response to “Surviving The Mean Streets – Instructional DVD”

  1. “Ride your own ride” that’s probably the most important point to make. This looks really good and just that snippet had a wealth of knowledge. I have quite a list of things to pick up here. That passing the slow vehicle and having a car pull into the lane was deja vu. My first bad crack up happened that way.

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