Ride Like A Pro – DVD Review – Motorcycle Training Techniques

Ride Like A Pro

As I have said before, I am a Harley Davidson Enthusiast and that means I want to be the best motorcyclist I can be. There is not a lot of instruction available out there, but I am sure you have heard of the Ride Like A Pro DVD’s. These video’s are produced by Jerry “Motorman” Palladino.

Jerry has taken the most critical motorcycle skills and simplified them into 3 simple techniques. These are things that do not come naturally. They have to be learned and practiced. Motor officers have been using these techniques for 60 years. These techniques allow them to to out ride 98% of the riding public.

I recently borrowed Ride Like A Pro V from a fellow HOG member. Although this may not be an exciting DVD to watch and Jerry is not as funny as he thinks he is… the training is essential. Order it now from www.Shop.RoadCaptainUSA.com

Watch it, learn and practice!

You want a sneak peak? Check it out.

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6 Responses to “Ride Like A Pro – DVD Review – Motorcycle Training Techniques”

  1. I consider myself a good, competant rider, but I’m not so sure I could do all the things they showed in that video without screwing up. Watching something like that is definitely humbling. I just wish I had a rat bike I could use to practice with. That’s the problem. Who want’s to lay down their mint condition bike to practice around cones? I’m hoping the advanced rider’s course I’ve got coming up will help me. Maybe when I have some extra dough I’ll donate to Jerry’s vids.

  2. In the beginning of Jerry’s vid he goes over that concern. You can put a little padding on the key points that could possibly come into contact with the ground if you spill. I don’t think you will spill. Find a parking lot and practice. The key is to turn your head in the direction you want to go. Whip your head completely around for a U-Turn. I live on a culdesac and practice tiny little doughnut turns around our manhole in the street all the time. Practice emergency stopping also.

  3. I keep meaning to get this DVD and something always seems to distract me. I’ll just do it. I’M GONNA DO IT RIGHT NOW! ….I’ll let you know how that turned out. Thanks for the info. Might sound lame but years ago I practiced on a bicycle with a backpack, loaded with weights, strapped to the frame behind the seat post, just to experiment with the balance and how my body position changed all that. I didn’t want to dump my new seca 550 either back in 86

  4. This is part of the kind of training we do with motors. I’ve demonstrated those exercises on just about every kind of bike. I have no end of respect for anyone who tries to find ways to increase skills. As to the DVD’s, I felt like some things were missing. I’d love to see more detail on how to actually apply the techniques. If a rider with floorboards is going to practice these drills, one really needs to keep in mind this very important point. If the bike starts to fall over, KEEP YOUR FEET AWAY FROM THE BIKE! I’ve seen a lot of broken ankles and lower leg bones from officers getting their feet caught under the boards and the bike falling on their legs.

  5. Jerry actually addresses bicycle pratcice in the DVD Dave, good point. Not lame at all. I consider all the years on 2 wheels from dirtbikes to BMX bikes to mountain bikes as practice for riding motorcycles.
    Irondad, feel free to throw in some more pointers. You are the expert!

  6. I have several of Jerry’s DVDs and have practiced the skills he shows. It’s not hard and has saved my life by being able to ride like that. For any one who is worried about dropping their motor, don’t be. At first take it wider than suggested and work your way to the smaller sizes. I can’t recommend these DVDs enough, really made a difference in my riding.

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