I purchased Diana’s Tour Master rain pants from last year and was impressed with the fast delivery and professionally packaged product I received from them. So when I did not get the jacket I ordered from I turned to Dennis Kirk. The website showed that they had 2 in stock.

The jacket I wanted was about $15.00 more from Dennis Kirk, but they have a policy where they will beat any competitors price by $1.00 on items over $100. To increase my comfort level and take advantage of the offer to beat the RideGear price I called by phone earlier today (Saturday). Immediately got a human being. The extremely nice lady actually told me on what day my jacket will arrive! That was very cool. It should be here on Thursday!

Other reasons I love

  • Stock every item shown in catalog and online
  • Same day shipping on orders placed by 8:00pm
  • Real people answer phones 24/7 at 1-800-969-7503
  • Free freight on orders of $100 or more to the lower 48 states on standard items
  • Free catalogs (5 versions available including snowmobiles & watercraft)
  • A technical support line: 320-358-1914
  • No Hassle Returns
  • The sexiest model/spokeswomen (who is the short haired blonde chick?)

Also check out these sites for close outs, scratch & dents, returns and discontinued items:

I suggest we stick with companys like Dennis Kirk and J&P Cycles that have an established mail order catalog business and live people that take phone calls instead of the many many online only bargain stores that are cropping up.

11 Responses to “ Rocks”

  1. “The sexiest model…” ???

    Now THERE’s a great reason for choosing to do business with a company!!!

    (At least he didn’t say she was the sexiest woman…because that would be me!!)

  2. Please notice that the title of the list is not “Reasons To Do Business With Dennis Kirk”. It says “Reasons I Love Dennis Kirk”. But I love you more than Dennis Kirk and all the motorcycle accessories in the world baby… and yes you are the sexiest of all. I’m a lucky man!

  3. I don’t know who that is but it makes me want to buy stuff. She’s got that ‘Im a bad girl” look without being slutty. Dennis Kirk had done me right several times. I also get alot of stuff from “” Those guys have been great. Most of the riders I hang around swear by Dennis Kirk. Never heard a complaint.

  4. I think you nailed it Dave. She is bad girl sexy but not slutty.

  5. Placed order on Saturday. Monday I got a professional e-mail with a UPS tracking number saying my order shipped on Monday. My jacket arrived in Indianna a few hours ago and is still on schedule to arrive here in Delaware on Thursday.

  6. My jacket arrived on schedule today! Just as promised from the day I placed my order.

  7. The blonde model? She’s worked with Sportsman’s Guide for years.
    Dennis Kirk USED to put a different model on every new issue of their Harley catalogue……until she came along.
    Must be that their sales shot up:)
    I’d STILL like to put a name to a face……………….
    As far as business goes, I’ve been using them for over 8 years. GREAT service and better prices than JP although DK doesn’t carry alot for older Harleys.

  8. Everyone is interested in who she is! I get hits on everyday with people Googling her. Anyone with any info on the short haired blonde knockout please post it here.

  9. Hi guys,

    I’m the Web Solutions Manager for Dennis Kirk, first off thanks for the kind remarks about our company! All of us employees work hard to get the products you order to your door quickly, and because of that we’ve gotten a pretty good reputation! Thanks!

    As for the model, I don’t know much about her, I have met her at our customer appreciation days events in the past, and I’m pretty sure her name is “Carrie”.

    I don’t know the reason that we’ve had her on all of our covers for a few years, but I know that some of the 2009 catalogs (at least the ones I’ve seen) have a few different girls on them.

    I’m glad I ran across this post, let me know if you have any questions that I can answer:


  10. Re: blonde Dennis Kirk model, her name is Cari Jedlicki,she is listed at Wehmann Agency,Minneapolis Minnesota. NOW can we talk bikes?

  11. OK, let’s talk bikes!

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