RideGear.com Sucks

I tested out one of my advertisers: RideGear.com

I ordered a Tour Master motorcycle jacket from their website on March 30th. It has been two weeks and I have not received any notification of shipment. I can not get through to anyone via telephone and my e-mail has not been answered.

I looked online and found other motorcyclists having the same issues (see below links). I have pulled their ad off of my sidebar! I apolagize for any inconvenience to the one person who placed an order with them on March 28th through my advertisement. I hope you received your order without a problem. If not, please call your credit card company immediately to file a complaint.

Ridegear Warning / Complaint

Think twice before you shop at RideGear.com

Let me know of your experience with RideGear.com good or bad. Please refrain from sympathy, jokes or similar stories. Please focus on this one company who appears to be ripping off good natured motorcyclists.


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  1. Thanks for the information man. You’ve got a really great site with tons of resources that we all use and enjoy.

  2. Thanks for the props Ronman. I think RideGear is a scam. There are no product descriptions or specifications on each item. Just a picture of each product. I think they just post pictures of every available product on the market and don’t stock anything. For now I am sticking with Dennis Kirk which I find to be of the utmost professional service. Not only are there product descriptions and specifications, but live inventory count.

  3. I’m glad I didn’t buy anything from them!

  4. After 3 weeks and 3 e-mails I got an e-mail back from them asking me to remain patient.

  5. Apparantly the only thing that works at Ride Gear is the ability to order, and their ability to charge your credit card. I placed two small orders within four days. Says in stock and ready to ship, but that’s not so. Their phone is answered by a machine that puts you on hold for a while, then hangs up. They have an automated customer service e-mail system, just so they have another way to ignore you. I went to the Better Business Bureau, and found they are already acquainted. So now I go to my credit card company to get my money back.

  6. I had the same experience with the phone system. Put you on hold for awhile and then hangs up.

  7. I sent an e-mail to Ride Gear on 2 occasions asking to cancel my order. I never reveived an e-mail saying my package shipped. Today I received a package from a company that Ride Gear outsourced the order to. They sent the wrong jacket. There are no return instructions enclosed in the package.

  8. Anyone calling Ride Gear at 1-800-515-1380 should dial in extension # 106 which is the Returns Department.

  9. I tried many times unsuccessfully to get through to Ride Gear. I had better luck with the distributor for Cortech/Tour Master which is Helmet House. They were the ones who sent the actual jacket and their number was on the package. The customer service manager there is excellent. It turns out they made the mistake of sending the wrong item and will take care of the problem immediately. I wish the regular customer service person I spoke to yesterday at Helmet House was able to remedy this when I called then. But I will gladly accept the help from the manager. After Helmet House got everything under control I finally got a call from Ride Gear. They left me a message telling me they couldn’t have sent the wrong jacket!

  10. Our friend from Ride Gear called me. He was very nice and was aware of my situation and assured me RideGear.com was trying to please all of its customers and that they have been experiencing very high call volume for the past two months due to some problem or other.

  11. I’ve got the same problem. Ordered some gear early this month and I can’t get a hold of them. No email updates, they won’t answer their phone, they won’t reply to emails. It’s been almost a month since my order. I have no other choice but to dispute the CC charge.

    Don’t order from these guys!

  12. SJ – dial extension 106 for the returns department and talk to Max. Let me know how it goes.

  13. I have had the jacket outside my house for a week now waiting for UPS to pick it up. Helmet House dispatched a pick up order but I guess they don’t have alot of pull with UPS. Tomorrow I might use my own pull with the local UPS people to put a candle under someones butt. A manager from Ride Gear called me today to discuss my problem and to explain the difficulties Ride Gear has been going through. He was very nice and spent about 20 minutes explaining the banking issues that RG has had that has challenged their ability to service their customers and stay in business. It sounds like they are nice people and may have been conducting business as best they could for many years but something outside their control happened that in the end is hurting their customers and their business. They had layoffs. Their call center is overwhelmed. It sounds like they are doing their very best to get through a tough time. Too bad it affects hard working motorcyclists and their wallet. If they weren’t running a drop ship business maybe they wouldn’t have this problem. Maybe if they only sold products they had on hand things would be different. I read about one guy who got charged $500 and got nothing for it. What about him? Was he as resourceful as me in getting hold of people. Heck, I don’t have my refund yet, so this isn’t over yet. I feel a little bad about the lengths I have gone to-to complain about this company; but I feel a responsibility to my biker brothers and sisters to do something about this problem which is victimizing us. Wether RG’s intent is good or bad, this is not fair to us the motorcycle consumers. I need to voice my oppinion on this and warn as many bikers as possible.

  14. I called UPS and found out the people at Helmet Warehouse didn’t issue the UPS pick up correctly. Hopefully they will starighten it out. It’s been over a week that they were supposed to pick up the package. Turns out the UPS rep who handles my company that I have known for a long time casually rides Harleys. We talked bikes for awhile. How cool is that?

  15. At this point a whole month has passed by since I ordered this jacket. In the mean time I ordered the same jacket from Dennis Kirk 2 weeks afterward. Then I returned it. I got my money back on that a week ago. How pathetic is the RG situation on a scale of 1 to 10? It’s off the scale!!!

  16. I am going through a similar issue with RideGear. I ordered a jacket from them on April 2 and got the same order confirmation and estimated shipping time email. After 10 days and nothing showing up I sent them an email to see what’s up. All I got was an automated response that someone would get back to me. 5 days go by and no one got back to me so I called them up again and after them hanging up on me 6 times, due to “heavy call volumes” I finally got ahold of someone by the name of Zenaida (extension 114). She said my order should by 4/22 and if it didn’t she would call me. 4/22 rolls around and no shipping confirmation email was sent. I called Zenaida back on the 23rd and left a message with her to return my call. On the 25th I called back and left another message because she did not call me back. On the 2nd I called back and went through their phone-tree hell but finally got ahold of someone. He said that Zenaida no longer worked there and that’s why I never got a call back. He then said that my order MIGHT ship on the 12th but he could not guarantee that it would ship. I told him that I thought that was unacceptable and that I needed to talk to his boss or a manager. He said that his manager was out of the office that day but he transferred me to her line. Her name is Andrea (extension 113) and I left a message with her to call me on Monday with an explanation of what’s going on. Can you guess what happened next? No I did not get a call back on Monday so I left another message on Andrea’s voice mail this morning asking for a call back.

    My credit (debit) card has already been charged for this order.

    Maybe I should call back and dial extension 106? Do you think that helped expedite your process? I’m at my wits end right now…

  17. Noodle, I thank you for your comment. If you ordered a Tour Master or Cortech, I might be able to help you. It can’t hurt to call the Returns Department at ext 106 but you didn’t get anything to return yet. I’m thinking your best bet might be your credit card compnay since you may have a good claim that they charged you but didn’t send you anything. Eventually they will probably send you something.
    From what I understand, their credit card processing company is hitting up the credit cards but not releasing the funds to Ride Gear. Without the funds, RideGear can’t go out and place the order with their suppliers for your products. Since they are a drop ship business, everything is outside their control.
    I can understand why their call center can’t handle the volume of calls.

  18. After I alerted Helmet House of their mistake with UPS they corrected it and UPS picked up my jacket for return yesterday.

  19. Check this blunder out! Margaret at RideGear Customer Solutions was responding to a customer who ordered a Medium jacket and received a large. She sent the Medium back and was asking the status of the replacement. Margaret was responding with the Ride Gear mantra “please be patient”… which means I have no clue or I can not tell you the truth. For some reason Margaret sent this e-mail to a whole list of customers including myself. Probably all customers with a screwed up order. Can you believe the incompetance at this company?!

  20. Ride Gear e-mailed me last Friday that they were too busy to process my credit but it would be done on Monday. It is now Tuesday and I have not received my credit yet. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

  21. Since Ride Gear would not answer their phone I started doing reverse phone number look ups on the Internet for any businesses near them. I contacted the local Harley Dealership also. Someone must have gotten through to them because after a lengthy discussion with one of their neighbors Stephanie from Ride Gear called me. Her extension is 110. Margaret the person who sent me the above mentioned e-mail in error is extension 102. Stephanie said Russ the person who e-mailed me that he was going to process my credit Monday was out all week. She also said they could not credit my account because they switched credit card processors. I said that she should send me a check and she agreed to do that. So now we wait again to see what will happen.

  22. Ridegear.com is notorious for poor customer service. I read many m/c sites and forums daily, and RG is one of the most common vendors folks complain about. I tried ’em once years ago, thankfully on a cheap item, and it took months and many communications before the item arrived.

  23. I think its a smart move to end any affiliation with Ridegear.com. I have personally been scammed by them and would not want my reputation sullied by their fraudulent activities.

  24. Well, just another person here scammed by Ridegear.com

    I’ve tried calling several times, you don’t even get put on hold anymore. I’ve tried all their numbers, all the email paths I could find. I’ve tried the Better Business Bureau. Working with the credit card company now, next will be court I guess.

  25. It’s been about two weeks and no check. Their supplier told me that if I returned the merchandise I would get a refund. Then after I returned the merchandise they sent me an e-mail saying they would send me a refund. Then they told me they would mail me my refund. One broken promise and two flat out lies. This company is the worst! I am reverting to handling this through my bank. Mailed them the ofiicial dispute letter this morning.

  26. Those bastards are driving me insane. I bought 4 helmets and never received them. I cancelled the order and I’ve been waiting for a refund for over a month… as usual, no reply by email or phone.. I’m trying to get my bank to help me out, but I would like to hear that somebody is taking a bigger action against ridegear.com

  27. I fell victim to RideGear and is by far the worst experience I’ve had shopping online. Don’t ever shop at healthyback.com either, they’re almost just as bad.

  28. I think my bank is going to take care of this even though they sent me a letter that said it was to late. Apparently I called and sent my letter during the grace period so maybe this will work out.

  29. RideGear has had some serious fulfillment issues and they’re struggling as a business. In fact, they haven’t been able to fulfill orders at all for a couple of weeks or more and we (Cycle Gear) can understand why people are upset. We ride, too, and we feel bad for the customers who just want their stuff so they can go ride, so we signed a contract to process and ship RideGear orders for the near future while they get things in order. We don’t own them and they don’t own us – there’s no business relationship at all beyond this fulfillment contract. We’re just working together to make sure you get your order.

    If you have an open order with RideGear, it will be handled by Cycle Gear as quickly as possible, and we’ll take care of you as well as we can. All we ask is that you be patient while we sort through the backlog of orders – we haven’t received all of them yet, but we’re churning through what we have.

  30. Thanks Brandon for that good news. I do like Cycle Gear, we have one in Bear, Delaware.
    I think my bank is making progress with my dispute which is also good news!
    And here is the best news!! I figured out a way that anyone can get a little pay back with Ride Gear!!!

    Just click on their “sponsored” links and advertisements as much as you can and it will cost them money! If you do a simple Google search for “Ride Gear” then the first advertisement that will appear is their “sponsored” link or advertisement. Click on one of those several times a day!

  31. Brandon, I can’t see any good reason why anyone should wait for Cycle Gear to step in and fulfill the orders. Just tell ride Gear to cancel the orders if they can’t fill them. Then everyone can go to real merchants like Dennis Kirk, J&P Cycles, JC Whitney or even Cycle Gear to place the order and have it filled quickly.
    Tell those rip off artists at Ride Gear to refund our money! I know how it works. My employer took over two other company’s businesses while they went chapter 11. You work with the owners and gain their business orders but none of the debt. Well that doesn’t help us with our refunds on returned merchandise does it? If you want to help me, send me $134.99

  32. To hear how Ridegear treats their customers, listen to their outgoing voicemail greeting by following the links below. That should tell you all you need to know about how they do business.


    Click the Listen button and then the Play icon

  33. Looks like my credit was posted on 6/6/08 from my bank. It only took 2 months and 1 week for this fiasco. Don’t ever order from Ride Gear! Don’t even advertise for them. Have nothing to do with them. You have been warned. They are very very bad. Just listen to the above posted voice mail message.

  34. Got a letter from my bank yesterday that said the credit may only be temporary until Visa approves the dispute. If they don’t approve than my bank will reverse the credit. Got an e-mail from Stefanie at Ride Gear saying she is going to send my check out tomorrow. I wish this fiasco would end.

  35. Add me to the list of Ridegear.com suckers. They sent a luggage rack that didn’t fit for a Christmas present. After several unsuccessful attempts, I finally got through and got the info on how to send it back. I did that in January and they never credited by charge card. They gave me some BS about changing banks and not being able to credit anymore. I said send me a check and they said it would have to go to a supervisor. I filed a complaint with the Santa Cruz BBB and they never responded. Yesterday, I got a call from the Santa Cruz DA’s office. Apparently, they are investigating this fraud company. They’ve ripped off hundreds of bikers.

  36. I’m sure it’s hundreds upon hundreds of riders. On a positive note… I got an e-mail yesterday that says my check is in the mail and I know it only because I solicited the help of one of their suppliers. Without their suppliers they can’t do much.

  37. Victory! I received a money order from Ride Gear today!

  38. In regards to Ridegear…the DA in Santa Cruz (the company’s HQ city) is investigating them. There are some issues there that are being looked at. If you still have concerns contact the ADA @ (831) 4542050

    I made an order in Feb and was able to receive my product with no problems. However, later, a small button on my helmet broke (after the return time.) They were MORE than willing to help me out (three weeks after my initial email.) However when I returned my helmet last month I heard nothing. I went on military orders for a month, came back still nothing. So i called. When I got the run around I called the police in SC because it sounded like fraud to me. Sure enough there is an investigation through the DA. If you have questions call the number above.

  39. I ordered a fmf pipe from ridegear in december last year ,yes 7 months ago,as i live in australia i feel hopeless to recover my losses from ridegear as my storie is not much different from your own. yes i hear you at ridgear (be patient,and we are working diligently to fill your order) my last hope is that Brandon@cycle gear is right and that they have my order

  40. Ordered from Ridegear and paid with paypal (I’m in NZ). Didn’t receive the goods and even though I won my Paypal dispute Ridegear had no money in their Paypal account so I couldn’t get my money back. Kept complaining via email and phone and eventually they sent me a cheque in September. The cheque bounced!!! So now I am even further out of pocket. Any ideas of what I can do?

  41. Sorry, I think Ride Gear is close to a dead end. If you got a check from them and it bounced then I don’t think you are gonna squeeze anymore out of this rock. Consider it an expensive lesson but take comfort that you are not alone. They ripped off hundreds of people.

  42. The owner of Ride Gear is Ed Dodd……..

    Met this guy a few times……walking slime…….

    The web site should be removed from e-commerce….

    Very good we moto guys can all say what we think of them…..

  43. Moto Mike – you said you met Ed Dodd – I’d be interested to know why you thought he was “walking slime” . I am about to do a business deal with him, seems like a decent guy over the phone and I want to make sure I don’t get into anything sticky.

    – John

  44. Ed Dodd, the owner of a company that takes money and doesn’t send goods. Then claims the goods are nolonger available and sends a cheque (check in American English) which bounces.

    Screw RideGear!

  45. I was going to say are these guys still in business I dealt with them years ago and found them to be really horrible. Sad part is its these kind of businesses that turn people of to buying stuff online.

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