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Iron City Blues DVD

I own all three Motorcycle Mania documentaries with Jesse James. I have seen every episode of Build Or Bust and Chopper Build Off. I watched American Chopper until it got really stupid and I wanted to puke. Then, I got sick of watching  people build show bikes and choppers over and over!

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Big Mike Griffimn & Jason Neese

This is a story about biker blues musician Big Mike Griffin. The urban legend of an isolated southern town in Tennessee catches Mikes interest. Legend has it the residents of this unruly town ran off their police department and has a sky high murder rate! Big Mike decides Iron City would make great material for a new song. He packs his .40 caliber and takes a road trip on his Harley Davidson Road Glide to Iron City. His camera crew films the adventure.

Kid from Iron City

When Mike gets close enough to Iron City the locals confirm the legend is true and warn Mike about going into town. He then decides to recruit backup. He teams up with Ex-Marine Jason Neese who rides a customized softail custom. Together they cruise windy country roads deep into very rural America. I didn’t realize there were still places like this in our country! They get to Iron City and every business establishment has been burnt down or gutted. They cruise around and interview the colorful characters that live here. When Mike returns to Nashville he films the recording session where he writes and records his tribute song to Iron City.

iron city blues with bonus soundtrack included

I watched this documentary twice last night. I couln’t believe it the first time, so I had to watch it again. Truth is stranger than fiction! What can you say about a edgy rock’n documentary about bikers on a road trip to a lawless red neck town where neighbors open fire on each other? Buy it and watch it, that’s what I say! You can buy this DVD from my online Amazon store for $19.95 but here is the best part… the DVD comes with the soundtrack as a bonus. The 19 track CD is worth the $19.95 and it totally rocks!

OK, so you want to see for yourself. OK here is the trailer so you can sample it before you go ahead and order it. Trust me, you aint seen nuth’n like it. And you can’t go wrong with a free soundtrack included!

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  1. Well, not only do I like the blues, I love a good story. I have been near this area, but not actually through it. Iron City was one of the wealthiest towns back before the Civil War, but the depression took most of the life out of it, and it has never recovered since. When H and I ride around our beautiful Alabama, we see a lot of little towns, like this one, that are pretty deserted and run down, and you almost feel a haunting presence when you ride through them. There is so much history in these places.
    I will tell you this about Iron City, TN. They’re right on Shoal Creek, a great little river just right for canoes, kayaks and fishing. This little community still survives by providing boat rentals and fishing guides. If you and the family decide to spend a fun filled day on the water canoing down the Shoal Creek, just beware, when the banjos start playing, it’s time to git!

  2. Oh man, I gotta have it! Can’t wait to watch it myself.

    Another great biker moveie is Beyond The Law with Charlie Sheen as the star, and Linda Fiorentino, and Michael Madsen. It is based on a true story about an undercover officer entering a huge biker gang.

    There is much cheesyness to it, but all in all a really great movie. One of those ones where you don’t know if you should root for the cops, or the outlaw bikers.

  3. This is just the thing I need to help pass the time while I convalesce. Even though I shouldn’t be spending money on non-necessities right now, I’m going to make an exception in the name of psycological therapy.

    Looks really cool RC, thanks for sharing. I’ll let you know what I think when I’ve seen it for myself.

    I love Lady R’s comment…”when the banjos start playing, it’s time to git!” ROFLMAO!!!

    You know its funny – a few years back I was on a big power plant job, so big we had “travelers” on the job from all over the country. There was this guy from Texas, a welder, who used to tell us outrageous stories. One of ’em involved certain little towns “you best get your ass out of before dark,” Why is that, I asked him. He said, “Because your last name ain’t the same as theirs.” He’d never been to Mass. before, and when I asked him how he liked it here, he said, “Oh, I like it fine, ‘cept y’all don’t have no where to bury anyone ’round here.” Banjos!!!

  4. Good ole southern middle Tennessee. Beautiful country to see. Plenty of rolling hills and hollows. That part of the state is known as tornado alley. There is a large Amish community down there as well. Lest we forget “The Farm” which is a hippie commune. Welcome to God’s country y’all.


  5. Hmmm…I will have to check this out. Sounds interesting. I will get back after the view.

  6. I watched this video with Jay last night. The stories these people tell are hysterical! Big Mike (appropriately named, since he is 6’10”) writes a great song…and the lyrics are definitely true to what he found on his adventure.

    Make sure you check out the bonus features on the DVD. They have authentic newspaper articles from back in the day, and extra interview footage with the guy they call “Monkey”. All I can do is shake my head!

    The only thing I want to know is…how can you be an EX-Marine??? (I thought it was Once a Marine, always a Marine…)

  7. […] Link Entertainment. This was a great opportunity to actually talk to Big Mike Griffin regarding the documentary I reviewed a few months back. He and Emilie were both very nice, and very tall. Emilie was like a raven haired amazon beauty and […]

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