Iron City Blues – Documentary and Soundtrack

Iron City Blues DVD

I own all three Motorcycle Mania documentaries with Jesse James. I have seen every episode of Build Or Bust and Chopper Build Off. I watched American Chopper until it got really stupid and I wanted to puke. Then, I got sick of watching  people build show bikes and choppers over and over!

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Big Mike Griffimn & Jason Neese

This is a story about biker blues musician Big Mike Griffin. The urban legend of an isolated southern town in Tennessee catches Mikes interest. Legend has it the residents of this unruly town ran off their police department and has a sky high murder rate! Big Mike decides Iron City would make great material for a new song. He packs his .40 caliber and takes a road trip on his Harley Davidson Road Glide to Iron City. His camera crew films the adventure.

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