eBay and eBay Motors – a great resource for motorcycle parts, gear and accessories – new or used

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eBay is a valuable resource for finding motorcycle parts, accessories and apparel. My wife bought her 2001 Harley Davidson 883 Sportster on eBay. It was her first eBay purchase. The Sportster was advertised on eBay by American Classic Motors in Zieglerville, PA. The motorcycle was in excellent condition. My only complaint is the oil in the bike was very black and filled up too high. Besides that our experience with American Classic Motors was good and she loves the motorcycle.

First Gear Siera Rain Pants

My favorite eBay purchase was a used red Tour Master rain jacket for $.99 plus shipping. I got a used yellow one also for $7.99 plus shipping for my wife. Couldn’t find any used rain pants I liked, so I purchased a new pair of First Gear rain pants using the “Buy Now” feature on eBay.

Sideview of the Baja T-bag

I also bought a slightly used T-Bags Baja sissy bar bag. The seller only used this bag 3 times and it was the exact one I wanted. These things aren’t cheap so I was glad that I saved some money buying a used one. I was very close to buying a new one from Motorcycle-Luggage.com

I also purchased a new Dowco Magnetic Map Holder Motorcycle Rally Pack from VirginiaTrader125 for $24.99 plus shipping. Call them at 540-362-9790 if you can’t find this item and you want to buy one. It’s excellent! Holds a map in a big clear pouch on your gas tank. Looks good on a cruiser. Sometimes I put my EZ Pass in it.

Dowco Magnetic Map Holder Motorcycle Rally pack

You can find almost anything on eBay. Make sure to check the sellers rating out and the comments left by their customers. If you are looking for a particular part, enter the part number and see what comes up. You can look up the part number in the Harley Davidson catalog or on the Harley Davidson website. Then search eBay for the part number to see if anyone is selling it for cheap!

7 Responses to “eBay and eBay Motors – a great resource for motorcycle parts, gear and accessories – new or used”

  1. I’ve always been a little shy of buying things on the internet, especially e-bay. You sound like you’ve had some pretty good luck, and have lended some decent advise as to how to go about checking things out, ect.

    Maybe next time I need something, I’ll get that part # and look it up on e-bay.


  2. There is always risk where there is reward.

  3. Yeah, you can say that again – considering what I’ve gone through in the great boot search. And vest search…and chap search…

    There are deals to be had, but an investment of time and patience is definitely needed.

  4. Joker came to mind the instant I read this post. I thought of all of the horrible on line crap he ahd to deal with. Hopefully ebay as is good as Zappos.

  5. From what my wife tells me, no one is as good as Zappos.

  6. Jay Green,

    I want to know if Zapps has Blue Jobs.

    If so, I’ll swear by them!!!!

  7. Zapps doesn’t but eBay does. You can get Blue Job or even Blue Job Wipes on eBay.

    Click here for eBay Motors!

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