Singing the exhaust pipe blues? Do you have melted plastic or heat stains on your chrome exhaust pipes? Get Blue Job and clean your pipes!

Blue Job Can

Once again HLFX Dave from the Road Grits Cafe comes through with another product reccomendation. Yes, Dave knows his Love Rubs!

I’m not much into cleaning and polishing. My bike is no trailer queen show bike, but I was pissed when some plastic got melted onto my pipes. This can happen from sneaker and shoe soles coming in contact with the pipes, rainwear, stray plastic bags in the wind, etc… Another common problem is bluing of the pipes from heat. Dave suggested I get Blue Job to clean my pipes.

This polish with the funny name is highly reccomended for cleaning chrome exhaust pipes and removing heat stains. It is available at J&P Cycle.

Regarding the J&P Cycle website: you can go to J&P and do a search using product name. J&P Cycle has Rider Forums where people discuss products and problems like cleaning stains and melted plastic off their pipes.

J&P Cycles

If you have any secret techniques for cleaning your pipes or have experience with Blue Job, please leave comments on this post as we would like to hear about it.