First Gear Sierra Rain Pants – Disappointment – Product Commentary

First Gear Siera Rain Pants

If you ask me who makes great riding gear I will tell you that I love First Gear and I like Tour Master. I bought a pair of Sierra Rain Pants from First Gear through eBay for about $45.00 which I thought was the right amount of money to spend on a pair of rain pants. I guess I was wrong. My advice to you is spend the extra money on a pair of rain pants with a heat shield on the leg to prevent melting. This will put you in the $70 range. For example, the Tour Master Sentinel Pants come with an optional Nomex heat shield for $22 over the same pants without this option. I like the Sentinel because it comes in a womens version which I bought for Diana. A good pair of rain pants specifically made for a women was not easy to find!

My Sierra rain pants look pretty cool to me. They look like a normal pair of nylon sweat pants with a reflective stripe down the leg. They have an extra long zippered cuff to put on over your boots.

I wore my Sierra Rain Pants today for the first time because it was supposed to rain. Of course the weather report changed and there was only a 30% chance of rain when I left my house this morning. I wore them just in case. They were easy to put on at home. I have not had to put them on yet standing on the side of the road hopping on one leg in the rain. I hear this takes practice. It didn’t rain so I can’t comment on their effectiveness in the rain.

Tip: you can wear your rainwear to keep the wind out. It doesn’t have to be raining to wear rainwear.

Towards the end of the day I noticed the right pant leg melted on my exhaust pipe a little. It must have happend while at a stop light or stop sign when my feet were on the ground. Now my new rain pants have two small holes in the right leg and there is melted black plastic on one of my pipes. I hope I can scrape the crap off my chrome. I’m disappointed in the heat resistance of the First Gear pants. It’s not like they were in direct contact with the pipes for an extended period of time. This sucks!

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  1. I hope I never have to wear mine! 😉

  2. HAHAHA Princess Di I hope you don’t either. I was just looking at some firstgear products today. The stuff I tried on fit well and I’m considering buying some of it.


  3. What were you looking at Ronman?

  4. Some jackets with the elbow, shoulder, and back pads in them. What are your thoughts and suggestions on them?

  5. I have always liked the Kilimanjaro. Is this what you are looking for?

  6. Well the Mesh Tex is what I tried on today. It fit well and had great range of motion in the arms. Though I have heard good things on the Kilimanjaro. I’m looking for something that is vented enough that I’ll still wear it in the summer yet warm enough I can wear in the winter. Granted I know I’ll still need layers for when it’s cold. For some reason I’ve decided I should wear something with padding. Currently I wear a Marmot windproof jacket and my leather vest and layers depending on the temps.

  7. Bike Bandit has a great jacket on Close Out that is a comination of leather and textile called the Tach LT and they have the Mesh Tex 2 on Close Out for just $32.81. I have always wanted one of those First Gear Leather/Textile combination jackets. That would be my choice.

  8. Arrggg!!! I feel the frustration. I hate it when that happens. Try a product called “Blue Job”. Its a powder that you mix. It takes burnt rubber and crap off of pipes. It took off melted rubber and nylon off my pipes. Hope it works out for you. Maybe you can have someone sew those heat panels on for you and cover up those holes! Custom rain gear!

  9. Blue Job??? Come on Dave…April Fools was 4 days ago!

    Rain gear, can’t chime in yet, don’t have any. In fact, it’ll be the last thing on my to-do list. I’m planning on buying the new H-D rain gear. It’s reflective, highly visible, and has heat shields and boot stirrups. A few more side jobs ought to do it.

  10. Dave knows his love rubs! Blue Job is available through J&P. Not only that, there are rider forums on the J&P website that discuss cleaning pipes. Next to trying EZ Off Oven Cleaner and a razor blade, Blue Job seems to be the ticket. It seems to make pipes like new no matter even if they have turned “blue” from heat.

    Blue Job For Joker

    J&P Cycles

  11. This is good information on the rain pants. On my main sport tourer it would be really hard to have the pants come into contact with the pipes. I’m curious why the pants contact the pipe. Is that just the result of the natural riding position? Or is it that the pants flap around in the breeze? Does the heat shield add stiffness to the pant leg so it doesn’t flap around?

    Even if it’s not a heat problem, pants that flap in the wind aren’t so cool.

  12. The pants are a little flappy, but if they weren’t they would be difficult to get on. On most Harleys the pipes are exposed. The new Harleys run lean, meet EPA requirements and run very hot. I believe that when I put my feet on the ground at a stop sign the pants must have been flapping. They flapped over just a half inch past the heat shield and contacted the hot muffler and melted a tad bit. This is my story and I am sticking to it. I e-mailed First Gear and look forward to their response. I wonder what they will say.

  13. No response from First Gear as of yet.

  14. I am taking Dave’s other suggestion and sewing on some cloth as a barrier between the rain pants and my pipes. A black bandana cost me less than $2.00 at an arts and crafts store.

  15. Got a response from someone at First Gear to the e-mail I sent with topic: Sierra Rain Pants. The person wanted to know which rain pants I was having a problem with. Hello!

  16. The First Gear guy e-mailed me back again and was nice enough to explain to me that he is new with the company and that is why he is not familiar with the product line. He was willing to send me a free package of Blue Job which he felt would take the plastic off my pipes and make them as good as new.

  17. Ok here is what the First Gear dude found out for me: “The Sierra rain gear is made of nylon so contact with any heat will result in the garment melting. We would recommend using the Rainman Pants as they have heat resistant material from the knee to ankle. As for our high end pants the HT Overpants 2.0 and the new TPG Escape Pants both have the heat resistant material from the knee to ankle and are both waterproof. “

  18. Home Made Heat Barrier – Diana sewed on the piece of black cloth that I bought at AC Moore for $1.80 in the bandana section of the store. It wasn’t easy but she did a great job. Tested it today. Worked perfectly!

  19. After testing these pants in more severe weather I give them a complete F as rainproof. Diana’s Tour Master Sentinal pants are performing much better. The Tour Master are heavier and get hotter than the lightweight Sierra pants from First Gear.

  20. For all of you that let your heat resistant rain pants touch your pipes (most times this happen while at a stop light). I found the best and easiest way to remove melted rain gear from your pipes is to buy Easy-Off Oven Cleaner for COLD OVENS. (DO NOT BUY FOR HOT OVEN USE) Spray on COLD pipes only. You may need to make some type of dam to keep foam material from running down pipes. Wait around 45 minutes and then wipe off. Several of us have used this and it works great and does not affect pipes at all. PS – Some have tried other brand names products and did not get as good of results.

  21. I found that Never Dull on hot pipes wipes it right off, no mess & no waiting!

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