First Gear Sierra Rain Pants – Disappointment – Product Commentary

First Gear Siera Rain Pants

If you ask me who makes great riding gear I will tell you that I love First Gear and I like Tour Master. I bought a pair of Sierra Rain Pants from First Gear through eBay for about $45.00 which I thought was the right amount of money to spend on a pair of rain pants. I guess I was wrong. My advice to you is spend the extra money on a pair of rain pants with a heat shield on the leg to prevent melting. This will put you in the $70 range. For example, the Tour Master Sentinel Pants come with an optional Nomex heat shield for $22 over the same pants without this option. I like the Sentinel because it comes in a womens version which I bought for Diana. A good pair of rain pants specifically made for a women was not easy to find!

My Sierra rain pants look pretty cool to me. They look like a normal pair of nylon sweat pants with a reflective stripe down the leg. They have an extra long zippered cuff to put on over your boots.

I wore my Sierra Rain Pants today for the first time because it was supposed to rain. Of course the weather report changed and there was only a 30% chance of rain when I left my house this morning. I wore them just in case. They were easy to put on at home. I have not had to put them on yet standing on the side of the road hopping on one leg in the rain. I hear this takes practice. It didn’t rain so I can’t comment on their effectiveness in the rain.

Tip: you can wear your rainwear to keep the wind out. It doesn’t have to be raining to wear rainwear.

Towards the end of the day I noticed the right pant leg melted on my exhaust pipe a little. It must have happend while at a stop light or stop sign when my feet were on the ground. Now my new rain pants have two small holes in the right leg and there is melted black plastic on one of my pipes. I hope I can scrape the crap off my chrome. I’m disappointed in the heat resistance of the First Gear pants. It’s not like they were in direct contact with the pipes for an extended period of time. This sucks!