Packing Tips for Motorcycle Trips

It’s me! The princess of biker blogging.

When my sweetie first suggested that we take a 3-day trip to Pennsylvania’s Little Grand Canyon last summer, I winced at the idea of trying to pack for the trip.  He traded in his Sporty for a Dyna LowRider and began outfitting the bike for travel.  The detachable saddlebags were installed, and then the Baja TBag he bought on eBay arrived.  At this point I was wondering how in the world we could fit 3 days worth of clothing and gear for both of us in a space the size of my toaster oven!!  Not to mention the fact that we would be traveling into the mountains in the fall where the temperatures could vary drastically over the course of the day, so we’d need to dress in several layers.  I was very excited about the trip, so I stepped up to the challenge.  I may not be an expert at these things, but here are some suggestions that I’ve discovered along the way as well as a few tips from my fellow (more experienced) travelers.

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