Harley Davidson Turn Signal Relocation Kit 60215-06

Dyna Turn Signal relocation  Dyna turn signal relocation completed

If you buy a Harley Davidson Dyna model and plan to use saddlebags you will have to “relocate” your turn signals. This also applies if you plan to use a detachable backrest. I wanted both, so this was an immediate modification that I performed on my brand new Harley Davidson Lowrider. I saved a few hundred bucks on labor by doing it myself but I hated every minute of it. I’m not a mechanic and I already blew up my first bike by installing the battery backwards!

First you have to ask yourself: why does the factory put the signals where they are if you have to move them to make the bike somewhat functional? Well, they do look awesome in their original position and that must sell bikes. Also the original license plate holder is a cheap piece of crap. Also, they must be making good money selling these relocation kits, not to mention the labor to install them. They aint no dummies at the factory!

You can purchase the standard Turn Signal Relocation Kit part# 68732-02A for $74.95 which will relocate your signals to the previously mentioned orignal piece of crap license plate bracket; or you can purchase the much more stylish Layback License Plate And Turn Signal Relocation Kit part# 60215-06 for a whopping $5.00 more! Go ahead and spend the extra money. That’s living large!

  1. I unassembled the original turn signal set up.
  2. I preassembled the new setup on my kitchen table.

At this point I came across a concern. The orignal turn signal wires are protected by a thick layer of rubber shrink wrap. The new turn signal bar that you have to feed the wires through has too small of a hole to feed the wires through. You have to remove the protective layer of rubber shrink wrap.

I hate wiring. I didn’t use the supplied connectors. I didn’t want to pull them out of their socket. I decided I would splice into the wires somwhere inside the brake light housing. I cut the wires pretty snug so there wouldn’t be any loose wires under the rear fender to catch or rub on the tire. Then I crimped on some connectors that I thought would work nice. They didn’t. After several trips on a hot August day to the hardware store to buy crimps/connectors and cutting the wire shorter and shorter I finally got the job done. I was very stressed out after this procedure.

There is a place where the turn signal wires with their vulnerable single layer of insulation feed from the turn signal bar to a hole in the fender and feed under the fender. I melted as much black rubber shrink wrap around the wires as I had available. This worked nice.

I don’t like conducting electrical modifications on a brand new $17,000 motorcycle, but I don’t have an extra $300 to shell out to pay someone else to do it. I was sure I was going to blow the bike up and kept cursing myself out for being too cheap to pay an expert to do it. I wish I had the extra $$$ to spend.

Now I thought I could ride off to the August 2007 HOG meeting and show off my new bike after working on it all day. Wrong! The rest of the parts I had on hand didn’t quite reattach the fender struts where the signals used to be. Man was I mad! My new bike was grounded and I would have to take my crappy 1990 Honda Civic to a HOG meeting on a nice August night. Maybe no one will notice. Yeah right!

That night was probably the second night I spoke on the microphone at the chapter meeting as the Activities Officer. After sweating all day installing the turn signal kit and then finding that the rest of the parts I had were not going together I was in rare form. As I approached the Newark, DE VFW where we have our meetings the muffler on my little white bitch car came off! Now everyone in the world was staring at the loud car. The VFW is behind a police station so I was sure I was going to get a ticket. You should have seen me that night when I started ranting on the microphone. I was so angry that I came off like Sam Kinison. Everyone loved it! To this day they think I was drunk!

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  1. AMEN….CAN I SAY AMEN……I had to use this relocation kit as well on my bike when installing new saddlebags on my 2007 Street Bob, the bags were all they promised to be, but the turn signal kit was something Honda sold to Harley as a reject, cause it was that awful, and not near anything I wanted on my brand new bike….

    The wiring connectors were in adequate, the wires were too thick to be slipped through the “main part of the new signals connector”..(a cylinder that look like something I wouldnt use as a kid to spit peas through never mind be an integral part of my new bike) then to top it all off, they did not include two spacers that keep the signals from tilting, I had to use lock tight on them to keep them in place….

    to add insult to injury, when I spoke to Harley direct, it was the only piece of junk they offered at the time to fulfill my needs of relocating the signals that my new saddle bags required…..with all the parts…and upgrades…and improvements that harley sells, thier creative genius came up with this????…

    I sent the company a very nasty and outspoken comment on my views of this subject…..I never got a response….now 6 months later, I see my friend Jay speaking about this issue and want to say…….


    laughing hard….
    ride safe, ride often, and let those who ride decide!!


  2. Skip,
    Weren’t you at the HOG meeting when Jay was ranting about it??? I thought it was pretty funny when Pete pulled up next to the Civic on his bike and put his hand up to his ear as he usually does, as if to say “why can’t I hear your pipes?” But then the muffler fell off..so the freaking car was actually louder than his bike!!!! LOL

  3. Yo Diesel! In August I had just met you and we were only aquaintances. Therefore I did not feel the need to warn you. We became brothers on the road in October! Had you bonded with me two months earlier I would have warned you. I’m not sure what good it would do as you would still have to relocate the signals with the Harley Davidson Pea Shooter Kit.

  4. Ah yes. The joys of accessories. It’s a plot to keep you spending money bro. Harley could use nice chrome bolts and nuts on new bikes but they want you to buy the $200 bag of chrome bolts. They know they have us. If you buy a HD your pretty much a cycle bum and hooked. They do know what they are doing. HOG is another stroke of genius. Keep us together building friendships around a bike and brand. I’m ok with all the “unmentioned” for the most part. I think its good you did it yourself. The more you know about your bike, the better the chance you will be able to maybe fix something on the road. Sorry it was a bitch but you have to admit, don’t you feel good about saying, “yep, I did it myself”…well, hopefully anyway. I would rather read about you doing it yourself anyway. Good info.

    Glad I am not the only one who wont spend money on my car unless I have too.

  5. Correction: at the time I wrote this post I believed that you had to relocate your signals in order to use detachable backrest. This is incorrect. There are special turn signal stems that dock to the detachable backrest if you do not want to use saddlebags. I have seen this on two Dyna Bikes. I don’t know the part numbers.

  6. It’s now three years later and Diana decided she wants saddlebags on her Dyna. We did the relocation and it went a lot smoother this time. I think Harley made the opening in the pea shooter just a tiny bit bigger… or it is just mu imagination. Diana was a big help and she did the wire crimping this time because it stresses me out too much. She did a great job. I left slack in the wiring so that I didn’t cut myself short like I did in March 2008. Things went so well we ended up with too much slack wire. Not a problem, we can deal with that. It helped a million times knowing that we needed the docking hardware. I still can not understand why Harley keeps this a secret. And even then there are two bolts missing which I can not figure out what Harley expects people to use. Good things I had a set of spares left over from my 2008 project.

  7. […] to splice the connectors back onto the ends.  This was a very difficult job for Jay when he did his signal relocation, but it turned out to be not so bad this time around.  (Maybe it just needed a woman’s […]

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