Harley Davidson Turn Signal Relocation Kit 60215-06

Dyna Turn Signal relocation  Dyna turn signal relocation completed

If you buy a Harley Davidson Dyna model and plan to use saddlebags you will have to “relocate” your turn signals. This also applies if you plan to use a detachable backrest. I wanted both, so this was an immediate modification that I performed on my brand new Harley Davidson Lowrider. I saved a few hundred bucks on labor by doing it myself but I hated every minute of it. I’m not a mechanic and I already blew up my first bike by installing the battery backwards!

First you have to ask yourself: why does the factory put the signals where they are if you have to move them to make the bike somewhat functional? Well, they do look awesome in their original position and that must sell bikes. Also the original license plate holder is a cheap piece of crap. Also, they must be making good money selling these relocation kits, not to mention the labor to install them. They aint no dummies at the factory!

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