Polycarbonate Windshields by National Cycle – Impressive Video

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5 Responses to “Polycarbonate Windshields by National Cycle – Impressive Video”

  1. I thought it was funny when they pulled out a baseball bat and a hammer….but I just about died when they pulled out the gun!!!They’d definitely have me sold if I could get over the porno music in the background! 😉

  2. Wow. They did everything but show those windshields an ugly girl.

    Porno music? Diana I’m shocked…shocked I tell you!

  3. Wow, bet my face would bust that poly. Pretty interesting. Bet memphis shades is not happy with that video. Most of the acrylic were their shields. I wonder what my fairing is made of?

    Heh, I wouldn’t know what porno music sounds like… 😉

  4. Shocked you may be…but admit it, I am right!

  5. I have to credit Dave with this find. Dave had a post about the Peacemakers exhaust pipes also by National Cycle. That’s when I found this video on their website.

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