Women’s Biker Fashions – the selection leaves a lot to be desired!

It’s me! The princess of biker blogging.

Below is a picture of one of the only nice fitted button-down shirts I can find from Harley Davidson.  I searched high and low for a shirt like this, and it only took me two years to find something acceptable.  Unfortunately I had to get a large size so it would come close to fitting my chest, so now the waist is not exactly as tailored as I would like it to be.  Thank god it is not pink!  My biggest problem with this shirt is the “boob pockets.”  What woman in her right mind (unless she is flat as a board and needs all the help she can get) wants to wear a shirt with a pocket right in the middle of her boob, with a flap and button no less!!!  What exactly are we supposed to put in those pockets anyway?

Almost perfect, but not quite

A man can go into a Harley Davidson dealership and find clothes for nearly every occasion-from work clothes to a dress shirt and tie.  Women on the other hand don’t have it so easy.  There are two types of clothing available to us–biker whore and functional but fashionless riding gear.  D

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