Jet II Motorcycle Helmet Review

Jet II Motorcycle Helmet Harley Davidson HJC

When I first started riding Harleys I purchased a DOT approved half helmet. Although the DOT helmet didn’t look as cool as the novelty skull buckets, it afforded the protection I wanted and some of the Harley biker style I was looking for.

I soon became annoyed with the eyewear situation. My prescription glasses didn’t protect me from the wind and my eyes would tear up. Goggles were a pain, especially carrying two pair. I carried a dark pair for daytime and a clear pair for nighttime. For awhile I switched from goggles to some very cool riding sunglasses from Flying Pig Eyewear. They worked great, until they broke. One day they just fell apart. I still had to carry both dark and clear glasses for day and night riding.

I finally opted to purchase a ¾ helmet with a shield. I bought a black DOT approved Harley Davidson Jet II. I can wear any pair of eyeglasses with this helmet. The shield protects my face from the sting of road debris, rain drops and kamikaze bugs. The helmet feels and looks like a well made product with plenty of cushion to protect my skull. I believe these helmets are made by HJC. I highly recommend the helmet even though it makes my head look a little bulbous. I look like the Martian in Bugs Bunny cartoons who had a little body and a huge helmet. The helmet also comes in silver. I wish I bought the silver one because the black gets very hot under the sun.

Diana’s Jet II Helmet

I like the helmet so much I bought a silver one for my wife Diana. She is much happier now that she can wear any sun glasses she feels like wearing instead of wearing a pair of riding glasses all day. She also appreciates not getting whacked in the face by large bugs when we are zipping through country back roads.

You can visit your local Harley Davidson Dealer to buy this helmet or you can go to eBay or eBay Motors and search under Jet II Harley Davidson Helmet for both new and used helmets.

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