2008 Bike Season Is Here – check out the weather report at www.noaa.gov

Cruising Skyline Drive

I took my bike off the motorcycle jack today so I could ride to the March HOG meeting. It feels awesome to be on two wheels again! Nothing else like it. I wanted to skip the meeting and keep riding, but I didn’t. Went to the meeting and had a great time with my fellow First State HOG members.

I can’t wait to ride again. I’m thinking maybe I’ll ride to work tomorrow.  So I go to check the weather and it doesn’t look good.

According to Road Runner magazine the best tool for checking the weather in the United States is the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s website: www.noaa.gov

5 Responses to “2008 Bike Season Is Here – check out the weather report at www.noaa.gov”

  1. Yeah! Is there still snow on the ground out there? Glad to hear that I can write about rides again without wondering if I am rubbing it in too much. Free at last…free at last.

  2. The weather may break a bit sooner for Jay who’s halfway to the South compared to me.

    It is still miserable outside in Beantown. High 30’s, low 40’s and the rain is back again. It’s rained so much there’s no place left for the damned water to go! At least I live on high ground. Our icebreaker ride is April 6th I believe. I’d like to think the weather will cooperate. We’ll see. Right now, it ain’t lookin good!

  3. SNOW??? Are you kidding me? We have had exactly one snow day in 2 years at the school where I teach! I WISH it would snow. If it’s going to be cold, windy, and rainy, then we may as well have some pretty white stuff to play in! 😉 Temps have gotten to the 50s the past few days, but I still drove to the HOG meeting last night in my car…with the heat cranked up!

  4. I rode to our chapter meeting last night. But then again my slogan is that it never gets too cold only too slick. Oh and the temps were in the 50’s by meeting time I’d say. Down from the 60’s.

    Ride Safe


  5. Dave, you go ahead and rub it in all you want. My new 1%er name for you is Rub It.

    Joker, you take your time and let your leg heal. Your bikes not ready yet, so keep your pants on!

    Ronman, of course it never gets too cold. You live in Tennesee!

    Thanks for your comments guys. Keep em coming, I appreciate the support.

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