Ultimate Street Strategies – Book Review

Ultimate Street Strategies by Pat Hahn

I just finished reading Ultimate Street Strategies – Riding Hard, Smart and Safe. This is the second book I have received from the Motorcycle Riders Club of America Library. The author, Pat Hahn, has put together an excellent book “For Advanced Motorcyclists”.

I expected this book to rehash common sense advice and the same old wisdom found in the MSF Basic Rider Course and countless magazine articles. I was wrong! This book opened my mind to countless safety factors. The end result is I will be a more confident rider this spring. I am now armed with a wealth of information and statistacal data about motorcycle crashes. What causes them, where they occur, and who they happen to. It was well worth $24.95 for this hard cover glossy 160 page book.

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Packing Tips for Motorcycle Trips

It’s me! The princess of biker blogging.

When my sweetie first suggested that we take a 3-day trip to Pennsylvania’s Little Grand Canyon last summer, I winced at the idea of trying to pack for the trip.  He traded in his Sporty for a Dyna LowRider and began outfitting the bike for travel.  The detachable saddlebags were installed, and then the Baja TBag he bought on eBay arrived.  At this point I was wondering how in the world we could fit 3 days worth of clothing and gear for both of us in a space the size of my toaster oven!!  Not to mention the fact that we would be traveling into the mountains in the fall where the temperatures could vary drastically over the course of the day, so we’d need to dress in several layers.  I was very excited about the trip, so I stepped up to the challenge.  I may not be an expert at these things, but here are some suggestions that I’ve discovered along the way as well as a few tips from my fellow (more experienced) travelers.

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Harley Davidson Turn Signal Relocation Kit 60215-06

Dyna Turn Signal relocation  Dyna turn signal relocation completed

If you buy a Harley Davidson Dyna model and plan to use saddlebags you will have to “relocate” your turn signals. This also applies if you plan to use a detachable backrest. I wanted both, so this was an immediate modification that I performed on my brand new Harley Davidson Lowrider. I saved a few hundred bucks on labor by doing it myself but I hated every minute of it. I’m not a mechanic and I already blew up my first bike by installing the battery backwards!

First you have to ask yourself: why does the factory put the signals where they are if you have to move them to make the bike somewhat functional? Well, they do look awesome in their original position and that must sell bikes. Also the original license plate holder is a cheap piece of crap. Also, they must be making good money selling these relocation kits, not to mention the labor to install them. They aint no dummies at the factory!

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Polycarbonate Windshields by National Cycle – Impressive Video

J&P Cycles

Motorcycle Safety Doesn’t Happen By Accident

Ultimate Street Strategies by Pat Hahn

I’m currently reading Ultimate Street Strategies which is the 2nd book I received from The Riders Club of America Library. It got me thinking about safe riding. Apparently less than half of the motorcycle crashes involve another vehicle. That means we are a bigger threat to ourselves than we think. Pat Hahn, the author of Ultimate Street Strategies, says the difference between the riders that crash and the riders that don’t is how seriously they take their riding.

Dan Bateman over at Musings of an Intrepid Commuter wrote in his post on March 19, 2008…

“Despite all the flap about motorcycles being so dangerous and that all the drivers are out to get us, it’s evident that other drivers really cause very few of the fatalities. It’s really not our fate to be taken out by a fast moving Buick with a cell phone impaired driver. Riders are doing it to themselves.”

“The vast majority of fatalities had one of these involved:
Un-der the influence”

You owe it to yourself to take the MSF training available, be properly endorsed on your license, practice your skills and wear the proper protective motorcycle gear. Please don’t drink and ride. Know how to stop or swerve in an emergency. Practice doing it. Take riding seriously. Dedicate yourself to riding safely.

Women’s Biker Fashions – the selection leaves a lot to be desired!

It’s me! The princess of biker blogging.

Below is a picture of one of the only nice fitted button-down shirts I can find from Harley Davidson.  I searched high and low for a shirt like this, and it only took me two years to find something acceptable.  Unfortunately I had to get a large size so it would come close to fitting my chest, so now the waist is not exactly as tailored as I would like it to be.  Thank god it is not pink!  My biggest problem with this shirt is the “boob pockets.”  What woman in her right mind (unless she is flat as a board and needs all the help she can get) wants to wear a shirt with a pocket right in the middle of her boob, with a flap and button no less!!!  What exactly are we supposed to put in those pockets anyway?

Almost perfect, but not quite

A man can go into a Harley Davidson dealership and find clothes for nearly every occasion-from work clothes to a dress shirt and tie.  Women on the other hand don’t have it so easy.  There are two types of clothing available to us–biker whore and functional but fashionless riding gear.  D

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