The Stop & Go Pocket Tire Plugger motorcycle tire repair kit

Pocket Tire Plugger

I consider three pieces of equipment to be essential for motorcycle touring and “piece of mind”. They are:

  1. Motorcycle with Tubeless Tires 
  2. Rain Gear
  3. Tire Repair Kit

If you have a flat while riding a Harley Davidson motorcycle with spoked wheels you don’t have many options. You can try to remove the wheel from the bike and attempt a roadside repair on the tube. But that is beyond difficult. I’m not laying my bike on its side to attempt removing the wheel! Assuming you have access to a functioning phone, your best bet is to call for help. Get towed to the closest motorcycle repair facility and pay the big bucks! I hope this doesn’t happen to you on a holiday, on a Sunday, at night, or anytime!

Now, if you have a tubeless tire that’s a different story! One with a happy ending! Just take out your handy tire repair kit, locate the problem and fix it! Why be stranded? I purchased the Stop & Go Pocket Tire Plugger with CO2. Although I have never tested the product I highly reccomend it. For less than $50 the piece of mind is worth it. It sits in the bottom of my saddlebag. I hope I never use it or my rain gear. But I don’t leave home without it!

Stop & Go Tire Repair Kit

This product has been has been evaluated by a number of credible magazines and appears to be a quality item. It is compact and comes in a nice little travel pack. When tested by members of The Motorcycle Riders Club of America it received the following grades:

  • Quality – 9.0
  • Size – 8.6
  • Convenience – 8.4
  • Performance – 8.9 

I bought it, I highly reccomend you buy it, click here!

If you do buy it, you might want to practice on an old tire in your spare time so you are not doing it for the first time on the side of a busy interstate highway. I didn’t practice but you can if you want to.

You can buy this kit from my store, Bike Bandit or J&P Cycle.

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9 Responses to “The Stop & Go Pocket Tire Plugger motorcycle tire repair kit”

  1. I have this plugging system and it has helped me out a couple of times. I was down around San Diego when my rear tire caught something. The instructions are pretty straight forward, but if you pull the mushroom stem out too far after insertion, it can work it way back into the tire as it contracts. I inflated the tire and hit interstate 5 to look for a shop. A few miles later, on the freeway, the tire flattened again and I had to pull off again after a hair raising battle with speed wobble. (i had bruises on the insides of my thighs) I tried the plug again with success and rode on it for 40 miles to the nearest shop. I don’t consider this kit, or any other patch kit, a permanent fix. It sucked because I only had 600 miles on that tire, but replaced it anyway with a new one. YES, I agree…practice! The second flat I caught the kit worked the first time because I knew what I was doing this time around. I rode 300 miles on it until I got it home. This is the only temp patch kit I will use because of the mushroom-head plug. You got it right with the spoke wheels. No way to really conveniently fix those on the road…but they look nice!

    Were even now! You took my future review RC 🙂

  2. Thanks Dave. Your input here is appreciated since I could not attest to having actually used the product. I like the product, I own the product, it sits in the bottom of my saddlebag in brand new condition exuding confidence and peace of mind.

  3. Jay, that’s nearly the exact description of the condom I used to keep in my wallet before I got married….; )

    Oh…yes…the product. I will be getting one for myself, though it’ll only help me out with my rear tire. I have a spoker up front. I’d like to thank you by the way for instilling paranoia in me now about that. I can’t afford a new front rim, so I guess I’ll have to rely on luck, and my one free HOG tow service.

  4. My middle name is paranoia. I live by the code of “what if”. I try to be prepared for everything. I had almost the exact same bike you currently have Joker. I traded it in for a number of reasons including that I wanted a bike with fuel injection, bigger gas tank, more space for two and TUBELESS TIRES. That spoker up front could go flat far from home. Maybe if you’re good this year Santa will bring you a 40742-05. I’ll put in a good word for you.

    One of my pet peeves is all this crap you have to learn on your own. It’s not like they tell you at the dealership the difference between tubeless and spoked wheels. I have to learn that stuff from reading magazines like American Rider.

  5. Thanks for the review. I’ll be picking one up. There are 156,000 miles on my ST. Knock on wood, I’ve never had a flat on this bike. Now that I said that, I’ll have one, just watch. It’s that old adage that if you’re prepared nothing will happen, right?

  6. With your exceptional evasive maneuvers and emergency tool kit complete, you will be prepared for anything!

  7. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

  8. I agree,having the needed tools will make your repair easy even if you got the problem in the middle of the road.Flat tyres happen most of the time unexpectedly,so make sure to be ready and have the right kit to fix.

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