The Stop & Go Pocket Tire Plugger motorcycle tire repair kit

Pocket Tire Plugger

I consider three pieces of equipment to be essential for motorcycle touring and “piece of mind”. They are:

  1. Motorcycle with Tubeless Tires 
  2. Rain Gear
  3. Tire Repair Kit

If you have a flat while riding a Harley Davidson motorcycle with spoked wheels you don’t have many options. You can try to remove the wheel from the bike and attempt a roadside repair on the tube. But that is beyond difficult. I’m not laying my bike on its side to attempt removing the wheel! Assuming you have access to a functioning phone, your best bet is to call for help. Get towed to the closest motorcycle repair facility and pay the big bucks! I hope this doesn’t happen to you on a holiday, on a Sunday, at night, or anytime! [Read more →]