Men who ride Harley Davidson are Sexier than the average Joe, here is proof!

9 Responses to “Men who ride Harley Davidson are Sexier than the average Joe, here is proof!”

  1. According to Joker, I only get that type of response from the women because I am stunningly ugly. heh.

  2. No wonder there are so many Harleys and so few Vespas…

    Steve Williams
    Scooter in the Sticks

  3. Steve, I think the Vespa gets this type of reaction only in Italy. The women in Italy might chase you down the street, run faster than your scooter in a mini skirt and 6″ heels, catch you and have their way with you right then and there.
    Keep up the great work at Scooter In the Sticks. I hope to join you as an MBI member next month. Dave and Joker will probably join also.

  4. Walk softly and carry a big…stick, I always say.

    Hey, us ugly dudes have to stick together Dave. Must come from doing plumbing…

  5. Good thing you ugly dudes ride Harleys.

  6. Amen, I don’t look any better on my Harley. People are too busy looking at my bike to take note of what I actually look like!

  7. Nothing improves your image more than a having a big hog. For those of you with little hogs… well a little hog is better than no hog. And for those of us with no hog, you can always go to Italy.

  8. This video just cracks me up to no end. I keep watching it over and over. I wish it was longer. I love when the chick waves her arms in the air and then trips.

  9. He’s not kidding. Every evening we sit in the study and I grade papers while Jay works on his website. Every few minutes I hear that music start…I know he’s watching the video – – – again!

    Personally I just like the dude’s voice, and how he say’s “Rocky Harley Davidson” 😉

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