On The Road – Successful Motorcycle Touring- Book Review

Succesful Motorcycle Touring

I finally finished On The Road – Successful Motorcycle Touring published by Motorcycle Riders Club of America and written by Dr. Gregory Frazier. The book is only available to members of the club who join the Riders Club Library. This was my first book I received from The Riders Club Library and I was only charged $9.00 for the hard cover 160 page glossy book. I also received a FREE bike coaster (kick stand plate) with the book.

Dr. Frazier has toured the world by motorcycle five times and writes motorcycle travel books and articles. If you are interested in all things motorcycle than you will find this book extremely interesting. On the other hand if you do not plan to leave your country or if you do, you utilize a cushy guided tour than this book may not be for you. It is full of interesting stories and tips that you would not think of that are applicable only if you leave the comfort of your homeland. Things like shipping spare parts to foreign campgrounds, carrying multiple wallets and copies of important documents with you. Making sure you have adaquate health and vehicle insurance coverage for places you are going to. [Read more →]