Mid Atlantic Motorcycle Show 2008 – Timonium, Maryland

2008 Mid Atlantic Motorcycle Show           

Michele Smith

My wife Diana has a very flirtatious picture of herself with the famous custom motorcycle builder Russell Mitchell of Exile Cycle. Last Saturday, February 8th, was payback! I went to the Timonium Motorcycle Show to get my picture taken with the hotter than hot Michele Smith, host of American Thunder. In this case, revenge was SWEEEEET! Of course I had to get permission first.

J&P Cycles

I went to the show primarily to promote this blog, take my picture with Michele Smith and have Chica sign my Tom Zimberoff book. Mission accomplished!

Famous bike builder Chica

I met several other interesting people today in addition to Michele and Chica. I was walking by a booth that had the most incredible customized sport bikes. There was no fan fare going on. I recognized the company, Roaring Toyz, from a spot I saw on Super Bikes. I walked over and spoke to President Robert Fisher. Even though these are not Harleys, I can appreciate these fine machines and I let him know I thought his work was awesome. He is leading the way in what will be the future of customs.

Gaby Rudderow

I also I met a very energetic little women in the parking lot named Gaby Rudderow. I overheard her tell another rider she had put 85,000 miles on her Honda Shadow Spirit 750. I asked if I had heard her correctly and then asked if I could shake her hand. Gaby is an ice dancer and probably weighs less than 90 lbs. She is a member of the Maryland chapter of Women on Wheels (I think there are actually four different chapters in Maryland). In July of 2003, she rode from Maryland to Quebec and back by herself. Amazing!

FBI Bike 

This was the third time I attended the Timonium Motorcycle Show at the Maryland Fairgrounds. Previously I was still in my custom bike mode and was drooling over the choppers and bling bikes. Although I think these bikes are great pieces of mechanical art, I have far less interest in them than I used to. They are just not practical (useless for real riding). I did come across one custom that caught my attention. You could ride this baby cross country and give everyone you passed a bad case of whiplash! It was a black and yellow custom bagger from Fat Baggers Inc. I spoke to Jo Jo who was manning the booth with the bike. He was way cool and had a lot of nervous energy. That must be what happens when you’re stuck at one of those booths all day keeping a contest bike company. Someday I would like to have one of these FBI bikes! It would make a great 50th birthday present.

1979 YZ100

I didn’t take a lot of pictures of motorcycles, but the three that I did take pictures of were all black and yellow just like the Road Captain USA theme colors. After the FBI bike I came across a 1979 YZ100 motocrosser entered in the vintage motorcycle category. My first bike was a 1980 YZ80! Does that make me old? I wanted to take that bike home so badly, it was so nostalgic for me.

Power Street Luge             1200cc Harley Davidson Engine on a skateboard

The third bike is not really a Motorcycle. It’s a black and yellow Powered Streetluge with a Harley Davidson engine! A giant skateboard powered by a Sportster 1200cc engine! This vehicle is the creation of Roland Morrison of Southern New Jersey. I believe there are only five Power Streetlugers in the world including Morrison and his daughter Jenna. Jenna did the Texas Mile at 102mph on October 6th, 2007 on a 100cc Yamaha powered version. Now these people are crazy!

ABATE of Maryland beanie

Also, I bought a red beanie to support ABATE of Maryland and keep my bald head warm!

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  1. Alright already…you can stop dropping hints on the 50th birthday (it ain’t happening for another 9 years!!!) 😉

  2. Ah..payback is a bitch. I just went on a ride the other day, I didn’t get to go to a show! Better be careful with that “hotter than hot” deal. Your lady is pretty hot brother. I’ll take Michele Smith off your hands bro so you don’t have to worry about that problem any longer. No thanks necessary. What I really want to try out is that streetluge. That has to be a rush! I already am trying to imagine what that must feel like. Thanks for the coverage, I feel like I was almost there.

  3. Thanks Dave. I will e-mail you some pictures of Princess Di and her idol bike builders.

  4. Michele is the bomb! You should combine a post about Michele, Love Rub and Viagra! Check out these links:



  5. Am I really supposed to believe that this is “NOT JAY” who posted that comment?

    Hey Dave, thanks for the compliment.

  6. I have to get in on this too!

    Jay, I have to agree with Dave, Michelle whats-her-face may be “hot,” but I think you have hotter in Princess Di. I’m not just saying that to score points with Di either!

    I’m just one of those guys who appreciates the combination of natural beauty and good old fashioned ruggedness over a two-hour make-up job and some bling. That goes for women and for motorcycles. Those fancy, laquer-painted choppers with the open primarys and the 300mm rear tires may look cool, but give me a stock Harley any day to actually ride.

    When most of what a woman has to offer came from a make-up artist, a personal trainer, and a couple of plastic surgeons, I’ll pass. Just give me a sweet faced, well curved country gal any day of the week!

    And that’s all I have to say about that.

  7. Well thanks Joker,
    you guys better cut the compliments or I am going to get a swelled head! 😉

  8. Yes, my wife is hot and on top of that she can hang dry wall, do tiling, and some light plumbing. She likes to receive power tools for Christmas and hates shopping! She is a one of a kind and I am lucky to have her. She wears leather, rides a Harley and that’s all I have to say about that! 😉

  9. You mentioned something about using someone else’s line? Actually, we’re both thieves…from Forrest Gump!

  10. Run Joker, Run!!!

  11. how much did you pay Michelle Smith for that picture?

  12. $100 for all of them, I can’t post the other ones. This is a family website. Just joking. I just had to wait in line a few minutes. No cost.

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  14. Thanks for the plug, Jay. I’m glad you accomplished all three of your goals.


  15. Thanks Tom! Having you sign my book was another successful mission down in Virginia at the Dulles Expo Center.

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