Is It Better To Ride Bitch, or To Ride My Own? a woman motorcyclist’s dilemma

Diana Green, guest writer for Road Captain USA

As a motorcyclist and a newlywed I find myself torn between two loves.  I could hop on my bike (a cute little Sporty that is just my size) and zip around town.  It gives me a sense of power and personal satisfaction being able to control this machine.  Or I could hop on the back with my sexy bald guy, wrap my arms around him, and let him ride me off into the sunset.  There is a sense of closeness (and of course romanticism) that comes with two bodies leaning into turns together and operating as if one with the bike.  And so I am often left to wonder…is it better to ride bitch or to ride my own?  That is my question. 

Mr & Mrs Road Captain in Frederick, Maryland

Most women, I believe, start out riding as a passenger.  It is an amazing experience.  And if the person you are riding with is someone special, it can also be a bonding experience.  Riding a bike is scary yet exhilarating.  When you wrap your arms around that special guy, you are literally entrusting your life to his hands.  Of course the scenery is always so much more dramatic when you are on a bike, and it is quite romantic to share that with someone else.  Darlene (Middletown, DE) has been riding with her husband for many years.  “It is OUR Hobby that we do together,” she says, “I don’t just go for a ride with him on the back of his bike, I am in the ride as a participating co-pilot.”  Even though Darlene has her motorcycle license, she does not ride her own bike because “it would affect HIS ride, as he would now be concerned about me.”  Steve (Belton, KY) shares: “My wife…doesn’t care anything about having her own bike…She enjoys riding pillion so she can take in the view, and we just enjoy being close while on the ride.”   

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