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S100 Motorcycle Cleaning Products Win Approval By HLFX Dave at the Road Grits Cafe motorcycle blog

Our own Harley riding brother blogger from the west coast, HLFX Dave, has given his stamp of approval to motorcycle cleaning products by S100. You can read Dave’s entire post, or just these quotes:

“S-100 products are by far the best I have run into.”

“I use this stuff underneath the bike and on the frame. It stops the rust and scaling.”

“The S-100 detailing spray is awesome. S-100 put out a starter kit with everything in it. It is the best love rub money I have ever spent and if I could only have one brand of cleaner, it would be this stuff.”

S100 Total Cycle Cleaning kit

Click Here To Purchase from Amazon.com

 Please visit Dave’s blog: Road Grits Cafe