Terminator 2 Judgement Day – Bad To The Bone Biker Movie That Rocks!


Two things reminded me of this movie: the new television series and my birthday. One of my old birthday traditions was to stay in and watch the special two VHS tape gift set my Mom sent me for my birthday before there were DVD’s.

Arnold Is The Terminator  John Connor  Terminator & John Connor

This is a motorcycle lovers movie! First, Arnold goes into a biker bar and challenges the biggest Mo Fo in the place and kicks everyones ass. “Your boots, clothes, motorcycle… give them to me.” Then he takes off on the dudes Harley Davidson Fat Boy with George Thorogood and The Delaware Destroyers jamming Bad To The Bone in the background. Yes, the DELAWARE Destroyers thank you very much! Next the movie cuts to young John Connor tearing through town on his two stroke dirtbike with Guns & Roses pounding on the soundtrack! Later the newer T1000 terminator takes posession of a Harley Davidson police bike to continue his pursuit of John Connor. I love this movie! Go to Amazon and download it or buy the DVD. If you already have it, log off your computer and go watch it again!