Superbowl Viagra Commercial Features Motorcyclist with ED

Did anyone catch the motorcyclist in the Viagra commercial? I hope we bikers don’t get a bad rap for not being able to take care of business due to this commercial! At least the dude who needs a little help was not on a Harley. I hope I’m not offending anyone out there with ED.

10 Responses to “Superbowl Viagra Commercial Features Motorcyclist with ED”

  1. Now that football season is over, I officially have nothing to do until riding season starts back up! 🙁

  2. We have our 7 monthiversary coming up, Valentines Day and your Birthday. The Viagra commercial has given me some great ideas. 😉

    By the way Puxatawny Phil saw his shadow so we are gonna be indoors for another 6 weeks!

  3. Viagra? It’s a drug? Whoa!, and to think that I thought I was riding it all this time.

  4. Just once I’d like to see a 30-06 disintegrate Puxatawny Phil just as he comes out of his stupid hole. Damned lot of nonsense! Think spring, and spring we shall have. Frig the rodent.

    As far as Viagra goes, anything Hugh Hefner recommends is alright in my book. Who knows more about it than him? I don’t need it, but I’ll admit to enjoying the hell out of it once in a while just for shits and giggles. It’s like being 16 again; a cat couldn’t scratch it. Jay, you gitcha some and TCB my friend!

    An old timer told me that if you adjust the choke on an old shovel head just right, the bike will actually buck like a bronco in neutral and you can…wait…what am I saying! I have to remember ladies read this thing! Post-traumatic stress disorder from the Pat’s loss, no doubt. Please excuse me!

  5. Joker,
    Phil doesn’t even come out of his hole…those annoying bastards in Puxatawney put on a top hat like its some sort of formal occasion and reach in there and drag him out! All the poor animal wants to do is sleep til springtime. It’s not Phil’s fault he lives in a town with the most idiotic traditions!

    As far as the arousal topic is concerned…urban legend has it that women are supposed to find riding motorcycles to be a sort of aphrodisiac. (Personally I think it has more to do with the stud-muffin I get to wrap my arms around.) But apparently from your comments and Dave’s it must be getting something up for the guys!!!

  6. The original, “Viva Viagra” commercial, which had those guys gathering together inside of a run down shack in the middle of the sticks, featured a biker that rode off on a Harley.

    The mainstream media has done a pretty good job of creating a stereotype that Harley riders are all aging white guys with too much money on their hands.

  7. “aging white guys with too much money on their hands”…well, I may be white, and I may be turning 40 next month, but I am not a guy, and I definitely don’t have too much money on my hands!!!

  8. I know this a late post, but I just came across this. I like to think they used a motorcycle rider because the whole world knows we have more fun! Use Viagra, and you can put the excitement back into your life, and live DANGEROUSLY!!! 😉

  9. It’s never too late to add a comment to an old post. Thanks Lady R.

  10. Check out the video of this commercial over at Crusty the Biker’s blog

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