The Stop & Go Pocket Tire Plugger motorcycle tire repair kit

Pocket Tire Plugger

I consider three pieces of equipment to be essential for motorcycle touring and “piece of mind”. They are:

  1. Motorcycle with Tubeless Tires 
  2. Rain Gear
  3. Tire Repair Kit

If you have a flat while riding a Harley Davidson motorcycle with spoked wheels you don’t have many options. You can try to remove the wheel from the bike and attempt a roadside repair on the tube. But that is beyond difficult. I’m not laying my bike on its side to attempt removing the wheel! Assuming you have access to a functioning phone, your best bet is to call for help. Get towed to the closest motorcycle repair facility and pay the big bucks! I hope this doesn’t happen to you on a holiday, on a Sunday, at night, or anytime! [Read more →]

Men who ride Harley Davidson are Sexier than the average Joe, here is proof!

Baja T-Bag – motorcycle luggage

Dyna with T-Bag

Dave over at The Road Grits Cafe recently posted a nice review of the Lonestar motorcycle luggage system by T-Bags.

I purchased the Baja T-Bag also by T-Bags. This model is more compact and is excellent for day trips. It is rugged, well constructed and I love it. But I wish it had the capacity of Dave’s Lonestar. What attracted me to the Baja is it’s compact sturdy tombstone backpack shape.  It is rigid and maintains it’s shape even when empty. It has a unique heavy duty rubber bottom for durability. Like Dave’s Lonestar it converts to a backpack by pulling out the shoulder straps. I have not used this feature.

Unique rubber bottom on Baja T-bag   T-bag Baja is shaped like a tombstone   Baja outside organizer pocket   Sideview of the Baja T-bag

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Motorcycle Social Clubs, Riding Groups & Owners Groups: Are They for You?

Diana Green Lady (Princess) Biker

Having a good experience with any club or owner’s group is like finding a great husband.   It’s got to be a good match.   

I have heard people say that clubs are not for them for many reasons. Some complain the clubs only take quick trips around the corner.  Some complain the lead riders go too fast or too slow.  Some complain that they don’t see where their dues are going. And others feel like outsiders in the group. On the other hand, I know many people who enjoy their club experiences.

The fact of the matter is that whenever you have a large group you will never be able to please everyone.  There are bound to be sub-interests within the group.  But that is okay.  Also, you will always feel like an outsider until you make yourself a part of the group.  I suggest you volunteer to hold a position with the club such as webmaster, photographer, or whatever!  Find yourself a niche within the group and you will likely find it to be a wonderful experience.  If you cannot accomplish that, then you probably hooked up with the wrong club!  It is like a marriage—you have to do a little work to find the right fit, and even when you do it takes effort to keep it going successfully. [Read more →]

On The Road – Successful Motorcycle Touring- Book Review

Succesful Motorcycle Touring

I finally finished On The Road – Successful Motorcycle Touring published by Motorcycle Riders Club of America and written by Dr. Gregory Frazier. The book is only available to members of the club who join the Riders Club Library. This was my first book I received from The Riders Club Library and I was only charged $9.00 for the hard cover 160 page glossy book. I also received a FREE bike coaster (kick stand plate) with the book.

Dr. Frazier has toured the world by motorcycle five times and writes motorcycle travel books and articles. If you are interested in all things motorcycle than you will find this book extremely interesting. On the other hand if you do not plan to leave your country or if you do, you utilize a cushy guided tour than this book may not be for you. It is full of interesting stories and tips that you would not think of that are applicable only if you leave the comfort of your homeland. Things like shipping spare parts to foreign campgrounds, carrying multiple wallets and copies of important documents with you. Making sure you have adaquate health and vehicle insurance coverage for places you are going to. [Read more →]

Harley Davidson Motorcycle Boots

Harley Davidson Motorcycle Boots

I got a good tip tonight that I want to pass on to you folks. A good friend of mine who wishes to remain anonymous told me on the QT that your local Sears department store carries Harley Davidson boots. Don’t let anyone know where you heard that because we HOG members are expected to be loyal to the dealerships. Do me a favor and do something good with the money you save on these boots. Send it to a charity like MAV.

MAV is a grass roots charity for Motorcycle Accident Victims. We need to look out for each other by donating to our own charity and sharing good tips like this!

Here is the link to Sears to do a little online window shopping:

 I value your oppinion. If you have any money saving tips like this, please post a comment. Let us know. Share the knowledge!